11 of the Best Marketing Automation Integrations for Google Analytics

The editors of Solutions Review have compiled this list to highlight some of the best marketing automation integrations for Google Analytics users.

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry in which you operate, chances are your business uses marketing automation to some degree. Yet, marketing automation alone is not enough to guarantee business success, which is why most companies combine it with additional software solutions. One of them is Google Analytics, a leading web analytics tool for businesses and individuals looking to monitor their website traffic.

Google Analytics is included in Google Marketing Platform, but it does not include a dedicated marketing automation solution. Fortunately, many of the leading marketing automation companies have developed integrations and connectors to work with Salesforce and further grow your business. To make your search a little easier, we’ve profiled some of the best marketing automation integrations for Google Analytics and grouped them together in one place.

the The editors of Solutions Review selected these solutions based on each vendor’s Authority Score, a meta-analysis of user sentiment via the web’s most trusted enterprise software review sites, and our criteria. five-point inclusion formulas. This list is not static and the vendors listed may change as the market changes.

Best Marketing Automation Integrations with Google Analytics


The description: ActiveCampaign offers email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and sales automation. Users have full control over their email campaigns and have access to strong data collection and automation capabilities. Its user-friendly interface and simple visual overlay allow for quick onboarding and a shallow learning curve. With Google Analytics integration, ActiveCampaign users can track email results, monitor link clicks, see the impact of email campaigns, and discover new insights to improve their marketing efforts. digital advertising and marketing.



Optimize - logo

The description: Optimizely provides businesses with an open and expansive digital experience platform to help them create and optimize digital customer journeys. Its product suite includes content creation, commerce and data intelligence solutions. Optimizely’s verified Google Analytics for Marketing Automation integration gives marketers the tools they need to track relevant data, see real-time webpage analytics, and make analytics central to the process of content creation. The integration is best suited for businesses that want to improve user and customer experience across websites, e-commerce, mobile, and social.


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GetResponse - logo

The description: GetResponse offers a suite of simple and robust solutions that can be adapted and customized for small and large organizations. The company’s marketing solutions include automation, CRM, webinar software, email design, and more. Marketers can easily use the automation tool to create complex workflows, and the software enables hundreds of customer journey scenarios with real-time updates. Google Analytics integration can provide users with a 360 degree view of subscriber behavior by tracking data such as links clicked in emails to order forms and more.



Pardot from Salesforce - logo

The description: Pardot is Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation solution. It integrates directly with Salesforce CRM to leverage all available data. This helps align marketing and sales to generate leads and keep them engaged. Since Pardot focuses exclusively on B2B, users can prioritize interesting leads through scoring and scoring. Businesses can extend Pardot’s capabilities with the Google Analytics connector, which pulls ITM metrics into Pardot, syncs them with Salesforce, and ultimately streamlines data flow between software platforms. The interaction collects data from the main Google Analytics tags such as campaign name, medium, source, content and duration.



The description: Iterable is a growth-based marketing platform that focuses on developing and optimizing cross-channel experiences. The platform helps marketers create, optimize and measure customer interactions and feedback and use that data to improve customer relationships. Through Iterable’s partnership with Google Analytics, businesses can track website traffic from Iterable’s email campaigns and use it to analyze and report on customer behaviors.



Campaign manager - logo

The description: Campaigner is an email marketing and marketing automation platform designed to help businesses use customer data to develop personalized 1:1 interactions that drive engagement, increase revenue, and improve customer lifetime value. Features include workflow automation, email templates, conversion tracking, advanced segmentation, email builders, landing pages, and more. With Campaigner’s Google Analytics integration, users can track the success of their email campaigns and better understand how those campaigns affect website activity, calculate ROI metrics, and convert leads to leads. .



The description: Maropost Marketing Cloud provides tools to build complex customer journeys. The platform gives marketers the ability to connect with customers through email, web, mobile, and social media channels. Users can create and automate workflows from a simple dashboard across every channel and lifecycle stage. The company offers a suite of integrations for the Maropost Marketing Cloud platform, including one for Google Analytics, which can help users track advertising ROI and other relevant data across the web and social media apps. .



Terminus - logo

The description: Terminus is an account-based engagement platform designed to help businesses drive more revenue through account-based multi-channel marketing (ABM) capabilities. Its platform, the Terminus Engagement Hub, is able to connect first-party and third-party data across a suite of engagement channels, including chat, ads, email and web. The company’s solutions integrate with marketing automation, content experience, data, CRM, sales engagement and other platforms, including Google Analytics. With this integration, Terminus users can expand their account-based traffic data, prioritize accounts in the marketplace, alert teams to spikes in buyer activity, and more.



A Weber - logo

The description: AWeber aims to help entrepreneurs and small business owners connect with prospects and customers through optimized and easy-to-use email marketing solutions. Its email marketing features include automation, segmentation, markup, drag-and-drop design tools, analytics, pre-made templates, and more. Although there is no direct integration with Google Analytics, the AWeber platform can still work with Google Analytics to help marketers track the performance of registration forms, messages, clicks on links and other relevant data.



VBOUT - logo

The description: VBOUT is a multi-channel marketing automation solution for lead collection with a customer-centric approach. The company provides a variety of marketing automation features in its flagship platform. Marketers save time using VBOUT because everything they need is in one place. Its dashboard uses drag and drop to build landing pages, customer journey builder, social media management. Users can easily add automation to any of their campaigns. Google Analytics is available as a native integration for the VBOUT platform.



The description: Sendinblue is an “all-in-one” digital marketing platform for B2B and B2C businesses, agencies and e-commerce businesses. Its marketing solution provides businesses with a suite of email marketing, CRM, SMS marketing, transactional messaging, marketing automation, landing pages, marketing campaigns and other features to help SMBs and SMBs build meaningful relationships with their clients. With the Sendinblue Google Analytics plugin, businesses analyze email campaign performance, monitor click-through rates, analyze viewer reaction to your marketing, and use this data to optimize future campaigns and strategies.

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