23% of marketers have replaced their Marketing Automation solution in 2022

As marketers look for ways to increase their effectiveness, new research indicates that many are beginning to replace key elements of marketing technology (martech).

MarTech recently released the results of its 2022 Martech Replacement Survey, and statistics suggest that marketing automation solutions were the most replaced form of martech this year, as cited by 23% of respondents. Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and SEO tools have also been replaced by the same percentage of marketers. About 21% say they have replaced their email distribution platform.

When selecting a new martech, the majority of marketers (54%) said integration capabilities/open API was the most important factor considered. This is followed by data centralization/data capabilities (50%) and the ability to measure ROI (50%).

Identify and resolve ongoing Martech issues

As more and more marketers are starting to research new martechs, previous research suggests that many have been dissatisfied with their solutions for some time.

Ascend2 produced “The Outlook on Marketing Technology” report, and the majority of respondents (72%) admitted that their martech stack had only been “somewhat successful” in helping them achieve their strategic goals. Only 22% of top marketers said it was “very successful,” while 6% said it was not at all successful.

At the time, 62% of marketers said they knew at least some component of their martech stack would need to be updated within the year to help them achieve their key goals.