4 tips to take your business content marketing to the next level

There are many things you can do with the right words. This is why content marketing is one of the most used marketing strategies in the business world.

As many as 82% of marketers worldwide are actively investing in content marketing, and that’s not going to change any time soon. It is important to know that content marketing is different for every business.

You should focus on enterprise content marketing if you have a large business. However, some nuances are different for larger companies, so you need these tips for enterprise content marketing.

Don’t Avoid Content Marketing Tools

We live in a world where technology is readily available and businesses of all sizes and niches use tools for their daily tasks.

Your organization is probably already using tools across multiple departments. But does he also use content marketing tools?

Some companies avoid these tools because they think they need skilled copywriters for a good content marketing strategy. However, there is much more to content marketing.

To create an effective and successful campaign, you should not avoid content marketing tools.

They can help streamline your content creation process and save you a lot of time and money, not to mention the quality of the content you post.

There are many different tools to choose from, but the one you should use for every piece of writing you do is a plagiarism checker. This will ensure that you only post 100% unique content every time.

Unique content is important because it helps you avoid penalties from Google. It also maintains your reputation as a trustworthy source of information. Most importantly, it allows you to provide value to your audience.

Use SharePoint as a CMS

If you’re dealing with enterprise content, you know its volume is vast and difficult to track.

This is why most companies use a content management system or CMS. A CMS allows you to create, manage, share, publish and store all your content on a single network platform.

The CMS market will reach $123 billion by 2026 as more and more organizations realize the importance of this software.

And although there are several CMS tools on the market, one of the best is undoubtedly Microsoft’s SharePoint Online CMS.

This tool comes with several useful features such as:

  • Content organizer. Content creators can automatically route their content to the correct location by defining custom routing roles. All submissions are reviewed and monitored to ensure there is no duplication of content or double submissions.
  • Types of shared content. This feature allows you to share your content across multiple sites and do so for multiple content types. Moreover, you can also standardize your assets.
  • Records management. It has a built-in library that makes it easy to organize, store, and protect important documents.

If you are using another CMS and want to migrate to SharePoint, it would be better to use professional SharePoint migration services.

They can help you avoid any issues when migrating from one platform to another and help you get used to the effortless migration.

Make your marketing and sales teams work together

Marketing and sales are very closely linked as these two teams work towards the same goal.

However, in most companies, members of these teams rarely work together or even communicate, which is a big mistake.

Great content marketing can only lay the groundwork for good sales if both teams are communicating what is needed.

Your sales team probably knows what customers want more than your marketing team, and they can be a great asset when writing copy.

You can create a powerful force if you combine the people who write the copy and the people who make every sale. They can help each other in a way that benefits the organization.

Understand the value of SEO

laptop seo

There are many ways SEO can improve your business. If you ignore search engine optimization, your content marketing will not be effective.

Consumers today make most of their purchasing decisions online, and you should respect that. Since you are working at the corporate level, you should consider hiring an in-house SEO team.

Although you can work with an SEO agency or hire freelancers, it would be the best choice because you will have a team of SEO experts to help you implement the best SEO strategies.

Another reason why you should have an in-house SEO team is that they can help you implement SEO at all stages of your content creation process.

Most content marketers integrate SEO before publishing, but it won’t yield the best results.

Make sure the person responsible for content creation works closely with the SEO team to ensure that the content you post is as optimized as possible.


With content marketing, you can use the right words to help your ideal customers understand why they should choose your business over one of your competitors.

Remember that content marketing is different for every organization, and if you run a business, these content marketing tips will help you achieve all of your goals.

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