5 brands in HK at the top of their content marketing game

Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Ultimately, in the long run, this can help brands drive profitable customer action.

According to a 2021 B2C content marketing study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 73% of respondents said their organization has a content marketing strategy. Of these, 42% have a documented strategy. To help themselves implement a content marketing strategy, 52% said their organization has a small or even one-person content marketing team serving the entire the company.

Additionally, 48% of respondents said their company had established an online community. The survey defined an online community as a space where business audiences can engage with each other and the brand in the form of discussions, posts and surveys.

Meanwhile, on the B2B front, 77% of respondents said their organization had a content marketing strategy. Of these, 58% said their strategy is moderately or slightly different now compared to the pre-pandemic period. While most content marketers said their organization values ​​creativity and craftsmanship in creating and producing content, 29% of respondents said their organization has done extremely or very well with marketing of content in the last 12 months. The main contributing factor was the value provided by their content.

Given the importance of content marketing, we turned to our results from the Marketing Excellence Awards Hong Kong 2021 to find out who our judges thought were the top five brands in Hong Kong. We’ve listed our top 5 winners in alphabetical order. Our list of agencies below has won over our independent panel of high caliber marketers, not only by displaying the work they have done for clients, but also by their desire to nurture talent and create products. exclusive for executing world-class campaigns. .

Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong

Many brands in Hong Kong have capitalized on the popularity of MIRROR and ERROR boybands. While collaborating with celebrities has been a useful way to successfully engage audiences, Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong has taken a slightly different route, working with singer Alfred Hui and artist Johhny Hui – both of whom are widely celebrated. by many Hongkongers thanks to their impressive performance on ViuTV. reality show Kingmaker IV. The two of them formed a limited-time slick boy group “Beeroar.”

The company produced a music video capturing both Alfred Hui and Johnny Hui playing instruments, singing and dancing, giving audiences an unexpected experience to show another side of themselves. After which, in response to the positive response from the public, Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong partnered with KKBox to host the first Carlsberg Smooth Draft virtual concert on Facebook. The company also produced a theme song DeliverSmooth for the campaign, leveraging an attribute of its products – softness to create an eye-catching jingle.

To further engage audiences, Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong has also rolled out a behind-the-scenes video along with fun edits to its music video. Finally, the company organized a live music concert “Beeroar” in partnership with KKBox. The concert was streamed live on KKBox’s Facebook.

Coca Cola China

In its “City Can: We Can!” campaign, the company redesigned the cans and bottles of its iconic Coca-Cola. Designed by world renowned artist Noma Bar, each of the nine designs carries a shared memory and history to remind everyone of local qualities and spirits. The graphics were inspired by public transport, local foods, weather icons, TV commercials and iconic landscapes. The design aimed to showcase the city on the cans and bottles with the essences of Coca-Cola. The uplifting messages on the cans and bottles were all inspired by internet lingo.

Contextual messages have been developed to make the jargon both relevant to the occasion and specific to the location, edifying Hong Kongers in the physical and digital world. Advertisements could be seen at MTR stations, outside buses and at the entrance to the Western Harbor Tunnel. A set of WhatsApp stickers has also been created, adding more fun to people’s daily lives. Finally, Coca-Cola China also worked with MIRROR’s Keung To and Alton Wong, as well as ERROR’s DeeGor, featuring them in a live event to engage and uplift fans.

K11 Art Mall and 9GAG

K11 Art Mall has worked with world renowned meme platform 9GAG to launch an online and offline meme museum, showcasing some of the most viral and humorous memes of all time in the mall located in Tsim Sha Tsui . In this collaboration, K11 Art Mall and 9GAG have chosen more than 100 viral memes from Hong Kong and around the world, bringing them into the physical world to amuse visitors.

The Meme Museum consisted of seven themed areas, each featuring famous memes from different time periods in various forms such as pictures, 3D figures and even scents, allowing visitors to revisit some of the most humorous memes. classic saltbae for Doge Swole. The museum also featured AR technology. Popular memes such as Confused Young Nick and Chloe looks aside could be done on digital devices.

The museum also offered a limited edition Meme Yes! Cards. As Yes!Card celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, K11 Art Mall reinvented iconic pop culture by transforming Yes!Cards into meme Cards. Finally, with non-fungible tokens (NTF) gaining momentum, K11 Art Mall has launched in collaboration with 9GAG the world’s first NFT meme artwork, titled In Meme We Love.

Olympian city

The mall collaborated with Hong Kong Creates to launch the “Alien Planet Christmas Party” campaign. The site featured a giant spaceship and eight colorful planets suspended overhead to catch attendees’ attention and serve as photo spots. Other offline touchpoints include on-site games made up of five zones, providing multiple experiences as participants can solve puzzles, to name a few.

In addition to the offline experience, the mall leveraged its S+ Rewards app to incentivize attendees to complete subsequent missions. The app also offered privileges and gifts to members, encouraging more participants to join the loyalty program. To enrich the experience, space-themed STEM workshops organized by OC STEM Lab and storytelling sessions organized in collaboration with the eslite bookstore were launched where the public could also watch the workshops and sessions via Facebook.

One of the campaign highlights was the “Hello Alien!” » design contest. He invited children to exercise their imagination and create their aliens. To generate more publicity, Olympian City invited famous DJ Chu Fan, who is also a mother, to participate in a contest via Facebook Live to promote the board game Alien Planet.

Tamjai Sam Gor

TamJai SamGor’s “A Taste of Memories” campaign tapped into Hong Kongers’ biggest dilemma right now: stay or leave the city. The brand has created a story centered on memories. The brand said, “Although the environment may be different, the connections between people will never change.

MIRROR’s Ian Chan was the main character in the campaign video. He went to TamJai SamGor to eat rice noodles when he was a student. Returning to Hong Kong after living overseas for several years, he decided to visit the store again and a bowl of rice noodles brought back his memories of the good old days.

The video was launched online, airing on ViuTv, in addition to OOH touchpoints. User-generated Instagram filters, animations, YouTube videos, and creative posts can be found online.

(Photo courtesy: 123rf)

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