5 Content Marketing Ideas for April 2022

In April 2022, content marketers could post seasonal listings, act as creators, discuss sustainability, profile customers in action, or focus on music appreciation.

Content marketing involves creating, publishing, and promoting articles, videos, podcasts, and the like to attract, engage, and retain customers. In some ways, it’s the ultimate form of inbound marketing.

It is however not easy. Content creation requires an almost inexhaustible source of ideas. So to help you out, here are five content marketing ideas you can use in April 2022.

An April listicle

A listicle is an item in the form of a list. It is one of the most popular formats for writing online. Ranker, Listverse, and Buzzfeed are examples of websites devoted to listicles. This article is a list.

Listverse is an example of a website almost entirely devoted to listicles.

As a form of writing, listicles are very effective for connecting or listing related items or ideas. Companies can use the format to compare products, services or similar. Lists also effectively explain otherwise complex topics in a way that a reader might skim over.

Consider creating lists specific to the activities or interests of your company’s customers.

Here are some examples of titles companies could use in April.

  • Workwear Shop: “Top 15 Rain Jackets for Construction Workers.”
  • Garden supply store: “19 vegetables to start growing in April”.
  • Baggage Merchant: “The 15 new travel restrictions hitting travelers in April.”
  • Cleaning Solutions Brand: “The 10 Dirtiest Things in Your Home and How to Clean Them”.

Launch a series of creators

The next phase of content marketing could be creator marketing.

Creators are the people who create and share content online, often as individuals or as small businesses. Top designers include Pat Flynn, James Clear, Phillip McKernan, Dorie Clark and Paul Davids. Their business is the content they produce.

James Clear, for example, is the best-selling author of “Atomic Habits,” but a popular email newsletter led to the book’s success. Paul Davids is a musician, but his online tutorials and lessons have millions of views.

Screenshot from Paul Davids YouTube channel

Paul Davids is a musician who helps guitarists improve their skills. Its content is personal, useful and entertaining.

At least a few people — like Scott Belsky, chief product officer at Adobe — have suggested that companies start creating content similar to creators.

In April, consider launching your company’s creator series with several articles, a newsletter, or a video channel that emulates creator content.

Keep America Beautiful Month

April 2022 is Keep America Beautiful month. This is an opportunity to encourage Americans to keep their community clean, green and beautiful.

From a content marketer’s perspective, this can also be an opportunity to describe how your business is reducing waste or promoting sustainability.

For example, REI has begun publishing an annual sustainability and stewardship report. It describes what the company is doing to reduce negative environmental impacts.

REI screenshot "Product Impact Standards" the description

REI publishes a stewardship report on its website and touts its environmental efforts.

Customer Action Profiles

Businesses likely love their customers, the source of success and profit.

In April 2022, consider celebrating your customers as they do the things they love. You could call it your customer profile in action. Imagine a video interview in which the customer does (or at least describes) what she likes.

For inspiration, watch this video profile of photographer Ben Baker.

music appreciation

April is a musical month. It’s International Guitar Month and Jazz Appreciation Month.

April 3 is National Film Music Day.

April 11 is both National Barber Quartet Day and National Eight-Track Band Day.

Music could make sense for some companies’ content marketing in at least three ways:

  • Playlists and song lists,
  • Profiles of musicians,
  • Music in relation to products.

A business that sells, say, kitchen and dining supplies could produce content in each of the above categories.

For a playlist, the company might publish something similar to “We Made You 6 Perfect Dinner Party Playlists, You’re Welcome” from Bon Appétit magazine. The article describes several playlists and embeds a Spotify player.

Screenshot of Bon Appetit article "We made you 6 perfect playlists for a dinner party, you are welcome"

Bon Appétit has produced a series of dinner-related music playlists.

The store’s content team might profile musicians known for their love of food. For example, rude rapper Action Bronson (Ariyan Arslani) is renowned for his love of food. A secondary option could be a conversation about food with an emerging musician.

Finally, it may be possible to talk about music in the context of the products sold by the store. An article titled “Jimi Hendrix’s 5 Favorite Foods and How to Make Them” might include Spaghetti and Red Sauce, Strawberry Shortcake, and many more. The item might also have a list of tools and appliances the store sells.