5 Content Marketing Ideas for July 2022

July 2022 is full of opportunities for content marketing practitioners to address topics of interest to clients such as patriotic holidays, the US Medal of Honor, International Kissing Day, newsletters, and culture.

Content marketing is the creation, publication and promotion of articles, videos and podcasts for the specific purpose of attracting, engaging and retaining customers. Content marketing is an integral part of search engine optimization and lifecycle and social media marketing.

Here are five content marketing ideas your business can use in July 2022.

Patriotic holidays

July 4 is Independence Day in the United States. Americans will spend the day wearing patriotic clothes and grilling outdoors. When the evening comes, they will gather to watch fireworks and sip beer, wine, whiskey or whatever.

The United States isn’t the only nation celebrating in July. At least eight other countries have public holidays during the month: Burundi, Canada, Belarus, Mongolia, France, Belgium, Egypt and Morocco.

Several national patriotic holidays in July could be the subject of articles, videos or podcasts. Photo: Vladislav Klapin.

For the month of July, consider producing content that tells the story of one of these national holidays, offers practical suggestions for celebrating, or helps shoppers identify products related to the holiday.

Here are some examples of each type.

History articles

Articles about activities

Product Related Articles

American Medal of Honor

On July 12, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed the law creating the U.S. Army Medal of Honor.

Based on the Navy’s Medal of Valor of 1861, the award honors non-commissioned officers and privates who have distinguished themselves through bravery.

Image of US Air Force, Army and Navy Medals of Honor

Examples of Medals of Honor for the US Air Force, Army and Navy from the AEA Collections, a private collector. Photo: Alexeinikolayevichromanov via Wikipedia.

Available to anyone serving in the US military, the price is the highest US military housing.

As of 2022, more than 40 million Americans have served in the US military since the Civil War, but only 3,511 have received the Medal of Honor, according to the Medal of Honor Museum.

For your company’s July 2022 content marketing, consider profiling Medal of Honor recipients who may have had an impact on the industry your company serves.

international kissing day

Image of a couple kissing

For some companies, International Kissing Day can be a miniature Valentine’s Day, with the opportunity to promote products and love. Pictured: Cassie Lopez.

International Kissing Day, sometimes referred to as World Kissing Day, is believed to have originated in the UK in 2006.

The romantic-themed event has generally been adopted as a greeting card party around the world, though not always on the same day. For content marketing, loosely mimic what you might produce for Valentine’s Day, including giveaway guides to promote sales. Here are some examples.

Gifts for International Kissing Day

  • 21 Great Kissing Day Gifts That Will Get You More Kisses
  • 15 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for International Kissing Day
  • 17 unique and luxurious gifts for her

In addition to giveaway guides, content marketers can also seek to raise awareness for International Kissing Day or share the story of the kiss.

Start a newsletter

In 2022, newsletters will be the new blogs, pushing content to an audience of potential customers.

When people subscribe to a newsletter, they invite you into their day. They want to hear from you. Newsletters are particularly effective if they have personality. For example, it’s not just your brand sending them information, but your spokesperson.

Try to develop a creator or influencer type approach for your newsletter. As an example, imagine an online store that sells craft templates. The company can choose one or two people to host the newsletter, write it in the first person, and offer practical crafting advice alongside product promotions.

Utah-based Sweet Red Poppy is a case in point. The company, which sells tutorials and e-books, had more than 560,000 subscribers on its mailing list as of May 2022.

Image of a Sweet Red Poppy newsletter sign-up form

Sweet Red Poppy has attracted over 560,000 newsletter subscribers by taking a creator or influencer-like approach to customer engagement.

Comment on Culture

Last year, Mr Porter, a menswear brand with an outstanding content marketing team, published an article describing the “dad” in Bluey, the Australian cartoon series about human-looking dogs.

Screenshot of Mr Porter's article on the animated series Bluey.

Mr Porter published a short article about the dad in Bluey, the animated series. This article is a form of cultural commentary and may constitute compelling content.

The article is short but relevant to Mr. Porter’s audience (which includes fathers of young children) and the culture since Bluey is a smash hit in children’s programming.

For your company’s July 2022 content marketing, find ways to comment on the culture. You can review a new movie, comment on a political or even religious topic depending on your company’s brand and audience.