5 Content Marketing Ideas for May 2022

Content marketing is a powerful tool for attracting and engaging potential customers. Good content is useful, informative and entertaining.

In May 2022, companies can target competitors, produce reports, cover local events, profile products and share some brotherly love.

Here are five content marketing ideas to try in May 2022.

Rely on competitors

William Slim, a British military commander of the last century, said, “When you can’t decide which of two balanced courses of action you should follow, choose the bolder one.

In May, take a cue from Slim and pursue the closest competitor to your business. Identify the competitor’s most productive content in terms of site traffic, then produce something better.

For example, if it sold camping supplies, your retail business could be in direct competition with REI. Using a tool like Ahrefs or Semrush, you learn that REI’s “Camping Checklist” generates about 36,000 visits per month. The article is part of an introduction to a series of camping content.

Go after. Produce a group of subjects that provides 10 times the value of REIs. Make it the best introductory camping resource on the internet.

If you’re competing with REI, why not try to produce better content?

State of the art reports

The state of a topic or industry is an essential part of B2B content marketing and can drive engagement for just about any business.

Consulting firms can originate this genre and still use these reports to position the company as an authority. An example is “State of Fashion 2022: Uneven Recovery and New Frontiers” by McKinsey & Company.

Screenshot of McKinsey & Company article.

Create a “state of” report, like this example from McKinsey, that journalists and bloggers will want to quote and reference.

The formula for “status” reports looks like this:

  • Identify an appropriate industry trend.
  • Survey a large number of respondents – probably more than 500.
  • Analyze the responses.
  • Compose a report.
  • Publish it and promote it, including posting it on newswires.

Local content

Although e-commerce businesses can sell products to anyone anywhere, it’s often best to focus on niches or locations.

For example, it is cheaper to provide expedited shipping to nearby customers than second-day shipping to those far away.

With this in mind, online businesses may wish to target prospects near shipping facilities. Businesses can produce articles, videos, or podcast episodes that feature local events, organizations, and relevant topics.

For example, an online sporting goods store might cover high school sports in areas closest to its shipping facilities.

Photo of a volleyball team celebrating.

Consider giving additional marketing attention to regions your business can best serve. Photo: Vince Fleming.

Product Profile

The items a company sells can spark compelling stories about innovation, achievement, and human perseverance.

Try profiling your products in May 2022. Discuss the intersection of products and people. Create articles, videos or podcasts that tell their exceptional stories.

Here are three examples from the footwear industry.

First, there’s “Behind every iconic sneaker is an even better story” by Mr. Porter, who says, “The sneaker market thrives on performance and storytelling. The former ages about as well as milk. But over time, the latter looks more like good wine. Over the years, a shoe’s history often becomes richer and more complete, adding to its prestige and increasing its value in both the literal and cultural sense. This excerpt alludes to how “sneakerheads” are drawn to the story of a particular shoe.

Then read this article in the Orlando Sentinel about Hush Puppies becoming a cultural icon. Malcolm Gladwell, author of best-selling “The Tipping Point,” talks about the shoe’s rise in popularity.

“The brand was pretty much dead until then. Sales dropped to 30,000 pairs a year, mostly at outback outlets and small-town mom-and-pop stores. Wolverine, the company that makes the Hush Puppies, thought about phasing out the shoes that made him famous, but then something weird happened,” Gladwell wrote.

The article goes on to propose that fads and fads move like epidemics.

Third, look at the history of Tony Lama boots. Unbeknownst to most consumers, Tony Lama was an Italian immigrant.

In each of these articles, the product (shoes or boots) offers a way to tell a meaningful story.

Screenshot of Tony Lama's web page, The Tony Lama Story.

Tony Lama, who helped popularize the cowboy boot, was from Italy. He moved to the United States as a young boy.

National Brothers Day

May 24, 2022 is National Brothers Day. Similar to Mother’s Day (May 8) or Father’s Day (June 19), the occasion honors one of the most important human relationships.

National Brothers Day can be an opportunity to showcase brothers who have had an impact on the industry your business serves.

For example, an online store selling movie memorabilia or licensed merchandise might feature the Warner Brothers, Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack.

Photo of the four Warner brothers.

Consider recognizing brothers who have contributed to the industry your company serves in honor of National Brothers Day.

The four men created what is now Warner Bros. Entertainment and were pioneers in film. The article could talk about the brothers, how their family immigrated to the United States from Poland, and how they started making movies. He might also discuss some of the studio’s best early films.

For your company’s content marketing, identify brothers who have contributed to your industry.