5 Content Marketing Ideas for November 2021

Comparisons, top 10 lists, customer testimonials, an old mystery, and Thanksgiving leftovers are all topics that could influence your content marketing business in November 2021.

Content marketing is the act of creating, publishing, and promoting content for the express purpose of attracting, engaging, and retaining customers.

Here are five content marketing ideas your business could try in November 2021.

1. Articles “against”

In content marketing jargon, a “versus” page or post compares two or more options to help a reader make an informed buying decision.

A versus page can pit your product against a competitor’s, or it can compare two techniques, options, or ideas.

Comparison articles like this one pitting Oxfords against Brogues are helpful for readers investigating a product. Image: Joseph Cheaney & Son.

These pages can be both interesting to read and good for organic search rankings.

Here are some example titles.

  • Power tool retailer: “Wood or metal studs: Which is better for residential construction?” »
  • A supplement brand: “Soy protein vs. whey: which is better for women?”
  • A shoe store: “Oxfords vs Brogues, a guide”

The latter, “Oxfords vs. Brogues, a Guide,” is an article published on the Joseph Cheaney & Sons website.

For your November 2021 content marketing, create versus pages that represent topics for last-minute holiday shoppers.

2. Top 10

A similar concept to a coin versus is a list of top products or services, such as the top 10.

These articles compare or list similar products or methods, and often identify the best overall, the best value for money, or the best for a specific purpose.

A 2016 article by men’s fashion retailer Mr Porter, for example, lists “Ten of the world’s most masculine dogs.”

Image from Mr Porter's article showing a male and a dog

Mr. Porter has his top 10 dog list.

A direct-to-consumer kitchen supply brand could borrow an idea from Esquire magazine and publish “22 of the Best Gins to Drink in 2021.”

This article lists the best gins, describes the research and offers the category winners. Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin, according to Esquire editors, was best for a dry martini, while Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin was the best gift.

The top 10 articles you post in November might be looking to answer common holiday searches.

3. Customer testimonials

There’s never a bad time to feature customers in content. This is especially true for aspirational brands whose consumers buy, in part, to be included in a group or associated with an idea, such as buyers who choose products or brands for environmental, social or corporate governance issues. .

Customer testimonials can take many forms, including profile articles, podcast interviews, or short video documentaries.

The content of these stories should focus on the customer experience and their relationship to the products your business sells.

Photo of firefighters in a forest environment

Customer testimonials help prospects connect with a brand.

A hiking shoe brand might feature a customer who is a forest firefighter. The western United States, for example, experiences difficult fire seasons, which puts stress on firefighters who often work consecutive 16-hour days.

This story could describe the client’s experiences at work and then relate their experiences to the hiking boots they wear.

4. DB Cooper Day: November 24

On November 24, 1971, an average-looking man calling himself Dan Cooper paid cash for a ticket on Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 from Portland International Airport to Seattle.

Shortly after the plane took off at 2:50 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, Cooper ordered a bourbon and a soda and passed a handwritten note to Florence Schaffner, a flight attendant seated nearby. The note said that Cooper had a bomb.

Photo of two drawings of what DB Cooper might have looked like

These FBI drawings of DB Cooper didn’t necessarily solve the mystery.

Although calm, polite and even considerate, Cooper made his intentions clear. He would blow up everyone on board and destroy the plane unless he was given $200,000 in cash, four parachutes, and a ride south to Mexico City.

Without alerting other passengers, the requests were relayed to the pilots in the cockpit, then to the tower, and finally to authorities and Northwest Orient President Donald Nyrop. Nyrop approved the payment, and authorities collected the four parachutes from a local skydiving school.

After circling Seattle airport for a few hours and encountering refueling issues and complex flight instructions, the Boeing 727-100 headed south with a small crew, loot and Cooper.

Around 8:15 p.m., Cooper jumped from the plane with a parachute and the money, never to be seen again. The hijacking is the only officially unsolved air piracy case in history, despite relatively recent claims that Cooper has been identified.

The mystery has had a considerable following over the past 49 years and has been the subject of numerous books, films and documentaries. Marvel’s fictional character Loki recently claimed he was DB Cooper during an episode of the Disney+ series that bears the character’s name!

The DB Cooper mystery is intriguing. Telling it could make sense for a D2C brand selling travel or skydiving gear.

5. National Leftover Day: November 26

Photo of cooked turkey

Leftover Thanksgiving turkey can be used in many recipes.

In the United States, National Leftover Day immediately follows Thanksgiving and focuses our attention on the turkey and the trimmings that are left over after the holiday.

From a content marketing perspective, National Leftover Day is asking for revenue.