5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Results Without Breaking the Bank

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Everyone talks about how content is king and how much you need to produce to be successful online. But few companies actually see real results from their content efforts.


The majority of online businesses invest in content marketing simply because their competitors are doing it or because they have been told they need it. Content marketing often lacks a plan or any type of strategy behind it.

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If you’re one of those business owners who can’t tell if their content marketing efforts are justified in any way or if the content they post is having an impact, here are 5 tips to finally see your content. function.

1. Optimize for leads.

Blogs and articles cannot sell themselves that way. But direct sales aren’t a good way to measure content success anyway. Content builds trust and loyalty. Content is right above your conversion channel, pulling people in. So create secondary calls to action, beyond your usual “buy now” button. Turn walkers into regular visitors and ultimately buy by converting visitors into subscribers.

Did you know that email is still the most effective form of marketing there is? Not just for large companies, but also for small businesses. You get direct access to the inbox that many people check every day.

You can write once a week and end up with massive results. Additionally, an email subscriber is a regular member of the public. Not just a unique visitor. Buzzfeed is one of the most popular websites ever created. Their emails have a high open rate, and in 2013 this increased their traffic by 700%!

Really start pushing that email newsletter box. Put out calls to action, give some sort of incentive, if possible. Exclusive content is a great way to do that. Make an ebook, give it away for free if they sign up for the newsletter. Or if you happen to sell any product, give a discount code or email address. Here are some ways to optimize leads and start building that list.

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2. Optimize for search engines

Although there are other sources of traffic and it’s never a good idea to depend on any of them, search engine traffic is still the primary success factor for most search engine businesses. online marketing.

Google traffic is highly targeted and therefore converts very well. Also, once it starts coming in, it will continue for a while (unless you are heavily outranked by a competitor or hit a filter).

That being said, one of the must steps is to have your content diagnosed and optimized by a reputable search engine marketing company. A good search diagnostic includes in-depth keyword research (which will also give you more content ideas), optimization recommendations, usability fixes, and more.

Small businesses that can’t afford an ongoing search engine optimization report can use tools like BlueJay that offer a paid on-demand report that looks good. Another option is to manage the search engine optimization campaign internally.

3. Target social media shares.

Social media is another solid source of free traffic that businesses can tap into, as long as they understand how to do it right. Creating shareable content is a tricky thing and can take a lot of effort. BuzzSumo is a good social media analytics solution that lets you monitor what’s happening in your industry.

If you want something that shares well all time, you need to focus on two specific mediums. The first is the most important, and that is infographics. Of all the forms of visual media, these seem to do best on all the basic social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. No wonder when you know that they are optimized according to the method where you learn best. It uses text and visuals to present information in an educational way that sticks.

The second is any type of graphic quote. For some reason, these little visuals are very popular, especially with influencers. They are shared all the time, the more famous the quote the better. I saw a fitness influencer get thousands of shares on an inspirational graphic that probably took them five seconds to make using a builder: TrySpruce is the fastest way to create visual quotes .

Using platforms that showcase your content to active social media influencers is an effective way to get it shared. Viral Content Buzz is a free tool that does just that. Also, this guide gives a pretty comprehensive overview of the different ways to share your content.

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4. Connect to a cause

When Boxed Water wanted to publicize their nonprofit mission The Retree Project, they reached out to several influencers for help. Instagram users Jaime King, Megan DeAngelis and Aidan Alexandr came on board and helped spread the word.

In one month, they saw a virtual absence of notoriety go from more than 2,500 images circulating on the social network with the hashtag of their campaigns. He also made a connection with these three influencers and potentially connected them to others.

This success story is a great reminder of how a cause can bring you closer to influencers. Consider reaching out to them about a cause-related campaign, especially one they’ve shown some interest in. Or introduce them to a problem they may have never experienced.

There are companies that specialize in connecting a business to a cause for mutual benefit, including charity, public relations, awareness and more.

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5. Don’t ignore the trend: videos!

Online videos and video streaming cannot be ignored these days. You see videos everywhere and the trend shows no signs of going away.

Video hosting sites are probably the most fascinating of all social networks these days. They are more than just platforms, they are a community that stretches from one end to the other. Unlike something like Facebook, which creates its own island circles, a site like YouTube gives you a platform you can use to speak to the world without limiting yourself to a circle of people who have chosen to listen to you.

When someone starts creating popular videos on one of these sites, it’s common to connect with other influential videographers of the same genre. If you can squeeze yourself into a niche, you have plenty of opportunities to connect with other successful content creators already there.

VidRocket is an option here that allows you to easily connect with Youtube influencers. There are certainly other platforms like this out there, but this will give you an idea of ​​where to start.

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Content marketing strategy is difficult: it involves a lot of experimentation and creativity. But don’t let that stop you: once you find a tactic that really works, it will be a rewarding experience that will bring you new marketing possibilities that you would never have thought of otherwise.