57% of marketers turned to visual content marketing in 2020

Over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to change their marketing strategy. Now, new research indicates that the majority of marketers have turned to visual content marketing during this time.

HubSpot recently partnered with Venngage to release the “Marketing Statistics Report” for 2022, and stats suggest that most marketers globally (57%) turned to visual content marketing in 2020 due to the pandemic. At least 50% of marketers in the United States alone have opted for this strategy.

Now, the data indicates that marketers intend to continue leveraging visual content. About 60% of organizations in the US say they will rely heavily on visual content in their marketing strategy in 2022. Most marketers use infographics and illustrations (33%), while 15% use charts and data visualizations. Nearly 13% turn to videos and presentations.

Growing investment in content marketing

Marketing content has always been vital to organizations, and previous research suggests that marketers are now developing more of it to achieve their key goals.

Parse.ly has completed its “Content Matters Report 2022,” and data suggests that over the past year, the majority of marketers (66%) have created After content than ever. In addition, 48% still want “a little more” than they currently have.

About 21% of marketers say they’ve developed at least “the same” amount of content in the past year, while 32% say they want “twice as much” content as they have currently, if not more.