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Digital PR is a great strategy to associate with content marketing, especially if your goals include increasing your brand awareness and improving your backlink portfolio.

When you create great content and pitch it to writers, you not only get great media coverage, but you also get the link to your project and the authority that comes with being mentioned in a publication. trust.

This earned media tactic is very effective, but it’s not easy.

If you get a game wrong, your chances of success go down dramatically. If you run into any obstacles, make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes with your content or presentation.

1. It’s not newsworthy

Of course, it’s easy to say that news only wants to cover things that are, well, news. worthy.

But what does that really mean?

For content marketers, this generally refers to three criteria: timeliness, relevance, and importance.

But there’s a catch: Most content marketing programs don’t have reporters dedicated to breaking news like the media does. So how can you create newsworthy content without the resources of a newsroom?

By creating and analyzing your own data.

If your brand provides a new set of data or a new analysis of existing data, then you are the sole owner of the information and can offer it exclusively to publications. It makes your presentation much more interesting.

This tactic is a combination of original content marketing and digital PR.

But content can’t just be timely. It should also be relevant to the writer you’re proposing and their audience. I’ll explain more about this in #4.

Finally, importance, which refers to the impact it has on the public. When you think of local news, that’s why it reports on things like traffic jams and school closures: it directly affects the daily lives of the people who watch and listen.

Alternatively, your data may be important to authors covering specific rhythms. For example, for our client Porch.com, we aimed for national coverage but also more relevant coverage on industrial sites like Realtor.com.

Knowing we wanted to target niche posts like this, we asked people for their thoughts on HOAs. The project has been covered by Realtor.com, REALTOR Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and more.

HOA Nightmares at Realtor.com

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Importance is a tough yardstick from a brand perspective, but if you’re able to offer brand new ideas, it’s certainly not impossible.

2. The meaning is unclear

Imagine a stranger handing you a book with a blank cover and saying, “Here, you’ll find this interesting. Would you read the whole book?