7 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make, According To Experts [DesignRush QuickSights]

Digital marketing spend is expected to reach $146 billion by 2023. DesignRush reached out to experts to uncover the biggest digital marketing mistakes businesses are making.

MIAMI, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — According to Forrester, digital marketing spend will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9% and reach $146 billion by 2023. With Statista reporting that 63% of the world’s population is online, it’s clear why businesses are using digital marketing as a tool to build reputation and drive growth.

DesignRusha B2B marketplace connecting businesses to agencies, has leveraged its network of 13,000 agencies to gain quick insights — or “QuickSights” — on the biggest digital marketing mistakes businesses are making.


In the opinion of Tom MolnarContent strategist and SEO expert at Fit Design, not targeting the right audience is a waste of time and resources.

“Not having a defined target audience is a big mistake because it means companies waste time and resources advertising to people who will never be interested in their product or service,” Molnar said. “Localizing and targeting the right audience is key.”

Design Director of Excal Design Shubhra Bhargava agrees that narrowing the audience is key because it helps generate relevant leads and increases ROI.

“The biggest mistake companies make is that their digital campaigns target everyone with a computer,” Bhargava said. “The beauty of online marketing is that your target audience can be much smaller than traditional marketing channels. With proper research, businesses can clearly define their target market, which will help generate more relevant leads and improve return on investment.”


Softuvo Solutions Marketing and Business Strategy Manager Tandeep Sangra suggests that forgetting to measure ROI is bad practice because it’s key to modifying marketing strategies and evaluating success.

“Companies often forget to measure ROI and blindly invest in digital marketing strategies,” Sangra said. “If you don’t know what you’re getting from the campaign, how will you gauge the success of your strategy? It’s crucial to tweak the marketing strategy that isn’t working from time to time.”


As stated by Gabe Harris, paid social expert and founder of Facqt, a creative is a powerful marketing tool that promotes originality and generates measurable results. Yet many companies fail to produce good creatives to spice up their marketing strategies.

“Creative is the most impactful variable that a paid social advertiser has manual control over and that drives originality,” Harris said. “Unfortunately, very few advertisers are successful in producing creatives designed for consumption on paid social media. By using best practices for paid social creatives, we have been able to reduce the cost per lead for our clients. [multiple times by more than 60%, resulting in] Meta [turning] our work in their own case study.”


Mark Anthony Media Founder Marc Anthony Rudder believes that one of the biggest digital marketing mistakes is lack of focus.

“Most businesses don’t have a strong focus. If you want to grow fast, you need to have a targeted niche, a clearly defined audience, and a big enough demand,” Anthony said. “You need to become a specialist in your area of ​​expertise, then focus on a lead generation strategy and a conversion strategy.”


According to Ursh Richards, business mentor and director of Web Team Adelaide, businesses that fail to test their websites’ ability to convert visitors can waste a lot of resources.

“Companies [that] haven’t properly tested their website’s ability to convert visitors into leads, and paying customers can waste a lot of time and money marketing to drive people to their website,” Richards said. “Optimizing your website to be conversion-ready should be the first step in any digital marketing strategy.”


According to LJ Barnum, co-CEO and CMO-PR at GIT Digital Media, companies shouldn’t stop blogging once they’ve succeeded. Instead, they should continue to engage their audience with quality content.

“Don’t ignore (blogging) content once your business has gained momentum!” Barnum said. “Sharing high-quality, original, and engaging content is the best way to turn visitors into long-term customers, as it helps build a meaningful relationship with the audience, impacts decision-making, and helps generate revenue. qualified leads.”


Jeffrey Magnerowner of Bighorn Local SEO, believes businesses should pay less for advertising and invest more in inbound marketing to cut costs and generate qualified leads.

“One of the biggest digital marketing mistakes companies make is paying too much for ‘advertising’ and not investing enough in organic/inbound marketing through search engine optimization, business development and influencer marketing,” Magner said.

“Through inbound marketing, companies can not only reduce expenses, but also enjoy various benefits, such as increasing brand reputation, generating increased trust and credibility, and generation of quality leads and traffic.”

DesignRush is out may list of best digital marketing companies that can help businesses target the right audience, engage customers, and achieve better conversion rates across various digital channels.

1. Fit Design – fitdesignldn.com
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, SEO, Google Ads and more

2. Softuvo Solutions – softuvo.com
Expertise: online reputation management, content writing, PPC and more

3. Facqt – facqt.com
Expertise: campaign management, landing page optimization, social media advertising, etc.

4. Mark Anthony Media – markanthonymedia.com
Expertise: social media marketing, local SEO, advertising, etc.

5. Vision2Designs – vision2designs.com
Expertise: email marketing, social media marketing, branding and more

6. Excal Design – excal.design
Expertise: social media marketing, strategic planning, SEO and more

7. Adelaide Web Team – webteamadelaide.com.au
Expertise: Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing and more

8. Digital 970 – digital970.com
Expertise: digital advertising, social media advertising, SEO, etc.

9. GIT Digital Media – gitdigitalmedia.us
Expertise: media buying, PPC, conversion optimization and more

10. Bighorn Local SEO – bighornlocal.com
Expertise: Local SEO, Multi-Unit SEO, Website SEO and more

11. Pure Inbound – pureinbound.com
Expertise: content writing, SEO, social media posting, etc.

12. Bruce Oliver Consulting – bruceoliverconsulting.com
Expertise: content writing, video marketing, SEO and more

13. Pinchforth – pinchforth.com
Expertise: paid advertising, email development, copywriting, etc.

14. ENX2 Marketing – enx2marketing.com
Expertise: video marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, etc.

15. Techoid – techoid.co
Expertise: social media, PPC, SEO and more

16. Digital Gravity – digitalgravity.ae
Expertise: email marketing, PPC, social media marketing, etc.

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