7 of the Best Marketing Automation Solutions for Nonprofits

The editors of Solutions Review have compiled this list to highlight some of the best marketing automation solutions for nonprofits to consider implementing into their business processes.

With marketing automation, nonprofits in all industries can improve the way they generate, nurture, manage, and retain leads and customers. Automation technology is a reliable and customizable tool that nonprofits can and should use to keep their audiences engaged intellectually, emotionally, and financially. However, finding the right marketing automation software for your nonprofit needs can be difficult, especially since each solution provider offers different features that might not work for your business.

The Best Marketing Automation Solutions for Nonprofits


The description: ActiveCampaign provides email marketing, marketing automation, CRM and sales automation solutions to customers across all industries. Their marketing automation tool offers a simple visual overlay, showing users how automations connect and the features of each campaign. The platform provides social media analysis, as well as in-depth site tracking. With ActiveCampaign’s customer experience automation capabilities, nonprofits can launch automated campaigns that engage new contacts, create engaging forms that generate more subscribers, improve email list management donors, use recurring giving campaigns to stay in touch with the public, and more.


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The description: dotdigital offers a digital engagement and marketing platform with simple drag-and-drop functionality to communicate with customers. It has multi-channel capabilities to effectively target customers. Users can leverage analytics to send messages at the right time, in the right place, and on the right channel. Dotdigital’s nonprofit marketing tools can help businesses improve fundraising efforts, engage large-scale volunteers, generate more donations, and more. Features include customizable email campaigns, contextual retargeting ads, triggered automations, SMS campaigns, multi-channel marketing automation, and other tools to expand nonprofit support bases.


The description: HubSpot offers a variety of features focused on marketing, sales, and customer service. HubSpot’s free CRM connects all the data users need to run effective marketing campaigns, and their marketing hub comes with easy-to-use customization options. With HubSpot Marketing Hub, nonprofits can attract and convert their website visitors through blogging, social media marketing, targeted ads, automation, account-based marketing (ABM) , email marketing, landing pages, and more. Marketing Hub also automatically tracks and reports every customer interaction, which can help businesses measure campaign effectiveness, track ROI, and create new automations.


The description: Keep ooffers small businesses a marketing automation platform and CRM that provides a centralized view of customer data that improves campaign automation and reporting. Keep helps users understand how audiences react to campaigns and make changes as needed. Nonprofits can use Keap’s automation and customer relationship management features to reduce administrative costs, drive more impact from their campaigns, get organized, and more. These features include tools for campaign messaging, donation payments, audience segmentation, volunteer reminders, personalization automations, event announcements, donation receipts, thank you messages, and event management. relationships.

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The description: Lead Liaison offers cloud-based marketing and sales automation solutions to businesses of all sizes. Their Lead Management Automation platform combines lead capture, content creation, social media engagement, and more. Leads can be targeted based on engagement, demographics, and social information. Nonprofits can use Lead Liaison’s marketing tools to improve donor relations through multi-channel marketing automation, improve communication with targeted audiences, use donations as a lead scoring metric, track responses to marketing campaigns, streamline campaign deployments and manage donor relations.


The description: Ortto, formerly known as Autopilot, is a customer journey and data platform that uses marketing automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help businesses build relationships and experiences meaningful with their audience. The company’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) can be tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations and allow them to more easily engage with donors, volunteers, supporters and affiliates. Its nonprofit marketing features include data visualization tools, engagement tracking, personalized email marketing, A/B testing, built-in revenue attribution, SMS marketing, profiles unified clients, etc.


The description: Virtuous is a fundraising and CRM platform designed to help nonprofits improve retention and increase impact at scale through responsive and personalized donor experiences. The platform can unify all fundraising, donor development, and marketing activities in one place to help users reduce redundant back-office tasks and develop dynamic marketing campaigns. Its nonprofit marketing automation capabilities include pre-built workflow templates, donor journey building tools, activity tracking, lead identification, multi-channel marketing, email automation emails, SMS messaging, custom segmentation, web tracking, on-demand mailings, and more.