8 Best Tools for Outbound Marketing Automation

Marketing has become an essential component of all businesses, regardless of their size. We know you’re probably wondering why there’s a sudden need for marketing automation as you’ve been running marketing campaigns since the company was founded.

The use of software to automate certain marketing efforts is known as marketing automation.

It is software that manages, monitors and builds processes across multiple channels. Businesses can send automated messages to customers via email, text, search engines, social media, and other channels.

Marketing automation can help your business succeed. True, but so does a wide range of other things.

Recently, researchers have found a significant increase in marketing ROI after adopting CRM. This is one of the main reasons why marketing automation is growing fastest in the CRM space.

In fact, according to Nucleus Research, marketing automation increases sales productivity by 14.5% while reducing marketing overhead by 12.2%, which is quite moving and may be enough for you to consider the marketing automation.

Outbound marketing automation

Most businesses turn to inbound marketing because of its more sophisticated nature and much more personalized approach.

However, due to the undeniable benefits of outbound marketing, many brands continue to use it. So it’s not as much of a heard Amber as one might think.

Outbound marketing, unlike inbound marketing, is disruptive because it imposes itself on the audience whether they like it or not. Television and radio ads, billboards, telemarketing, cold calling, and contextual ads are all examples of outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing has become so entrenched in society that even with new techniques, outbound marketing techniques remain vital. However, to make better use of it, people today are looking for different options, such as outbound marketing tools.

8 outbound marketing automation tools

1) Sale loft

Sales Loft software is primarily used to increase qualified appointments and demos by approximately 300%. Cadence and Prospector are two products that can be used with the software.

a) Cadence

Cadence lets you design your process for things like sales development phone calls, emails, and more. The tool is a “bumper” aid for email tracking and phone list completion.

b) Prospector

It harnesses the power of social media to automate link building and contacts can be synced directly to the CRM.

2) Close

You should get this one if you don’t want to do manual work. It saves your emails and lets you call someone with just one click.

The best quality of the tool is that it was developed by sales professionals, which results in the best and most efficient workflow results. Using your lead generation strategies, this tool skilfully channels your company’s efforts.

3) Snov.io

Snov.io is a great email marketing tool that lets you run and track your email campaigns that can be linked to ZOHO or Zapier in seconds. You can set the delivery time and daily limit according to your own, and it will send the emails automatically!

4) Waalaxy

Sending and keeping track of LinkedIn messages has never been easier.

Waalaxy has some cool options that allow you to send a connection request, a short message with the request, and track it all using your CRM. It is one of the best tools used by the marketers themselves at Leadzen.ai.

5) Leadzen.ai

Leadzen.ai: developing data intelligence. It’s the most powerful prospecting engine available, powered by AI.

A one-stop-shop for prospecting is Leadzen.ai. It not only tracks, collects and distributes data for you, but also helps you make the most of that data.

It has tons of smart features like lead search with 20+ filters, bulk search, geolocator and chrome extension. All of this allows you to build your b2b database from scratch and start offering them a personalized sales pitch that you build using vital information and verified contact information.

Our smart data model gives you all the insights you’ll need to improve your business, from lead generation to conversion. Take the initiative with Leadzen.ai because it provides growth rather than just statistics.

6) Awareness

Helping you exceed your sales goals, it’s “the only system smart enough to identify who needs follow-up and when they need it.” Users can easily email and call, never forget a follow-up, automatically update records, and get detailed data on who on your staff is working at what level and how they spend their time.

Simple at first, awareness grows to meet the needs of midsize organizations and enterprises. It is a very fast and efficient communication platform that meets the needs of every team member, from SDR to sales operations.

7) Witty Parrot

Witty Parrot can be used for a number of things, such as enabling sales, hiring new employees, providing excellent customer service, marketing and communications, and increasing productivity.

When using content in the sales process, Witty Parrot may be used to personalize it, respond to inquiries, keep it current and recycle it. Plus, you can shorten the sales cycle, adapt your approach, and respond to leads quickly.

8) InsideSales.com

Predictive analytics, data visualization, communication and gamification are all features of InsideSales’ sales acceleration platform. It lets you nurture your sales staff, anticipate which leads you’ll contact, qualify and close, and it makes data useful by enabling you to reach leads the “right way, at the right time.” .

By suggesting the best prospects to contact and close, the platform uses Neuralytics, a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine, to increase revenue. Additionally, it uses NeuralView, a database of over 80 billion sales interactions, to predictably target marketing campaigns based on past results based on contact likelihood and close likelihood.

At the end of the line

These are some of the most effective outbound marketing tactics and can be applied to many business ventures. The easiest way to find the right tool for your organization is to compare its features and determine which best fits your business workflow.

Use all the features and integrations offered by the tool once you decide it’s the right one to get new insights from your leads. Salespeople are more prepared than ever to succeed thanks to modern technology and the availability of information about companies, prospects and rivals.

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