A Brief Guide to Content Marketing Strategy for a Construction Company

Content marketing is a great way to subtly promote your brand to consumers while providing them with unconditional value. Successful content marketing with continuity also improves the organic online visibility of the business. For these reasons, businesses in all industries and niches have made content marketing an integral part of their digital promotions.

However, the majority of construction companies still stick to conventions when it comes to promotion. Even those who have made a foray into the digital world avoid experimenting with new things. For example, very few construction companies have embraced content marketing for all of its benefits.

Content marketing can help promote a construction business. If you are new to digital marketing as a construction contractor, keep reading this article. Here we will discuss how you can do most of the construction marketing efforts to support your construction gig with your target audience.

Benefits of Content Marketing for a Construction Company

Before discussing how to design a content strategy for a construction company, it’s crucial to take a quick look at all the good it brings to the table.

  • Content marketing can help you establish your brand identity and then project it to customers. For example, the blog section of a construction website can outline branding for potential clients.
  • Content marketing helps you with SEO. It lets you use a set of targeted keywords in the main body of writing, meta details, and even on the back end (alt tags, etc.) of images and videos. All of this well-thought-out keyword incorporation ultimately pays off in improving your search engine visibility.
  • Content marketing can also help a construction company establish authenticity and expertise with target consumers. If you manage to curate informative and useful content, your construction company will stand out as a trustworthy choice among your peers.
  • Content marketing does not weigh on your promotional budget. If you can write, take photos, and shoot videos on your own, you can do content marketing without paying anyone a penny.

Understand your target audiences and create content accordingly

Before choosing the type of content you want to create, identify your target audience. For example, if you are a construction company specializing in remodeling and renovation services, you should focus on visual content. On the other hand, a company that offers full-fledged B2B construction services must provide in-depth feed posts and lengthy articles to its target audience.

In short, you need to cater to different segments of your audience with different content. Next, we’ll outline the types of content a construction company should consider creating and maintaining.


Blogs can prove to be the most effective content marketing tool for a construction business. They allow you to convey meaningful information to your potential customers, which is not possible with social media posts. If you have a good knowledge of everything related to your construction services and know your target audience, you can create many valuable blog posts.

For one, these blog posts will help you connect with your target audience. You offer the public free value in the form of useful information. You can also create your entire brand story through your blogs. On the other hand, a keyword-friendly and optimized blog post will also do wonders for your on-page SEO. In short, blogging will promote your business on the web in every way.

When blogging for your construction business, avoid making these mistakes:

  • Do not choose a commercial tone. A blog is meant to inform, enlighten and educate the target audience with subtle promotions and branded plug-ins. If you mention your construction services in every paragraph with superlatives, you will fail to build a recurring audience for your blog.
  • Avoid stuffing your blog content with target keywords. Using too many keywords no longer helps search engine rankings. This turns out to be counterproductive. When you insert keywords into content, you struggle to maintain its quality in terms of informational value and readability.
  • You don’t have to write long posts all the time to look legit. If a topic requires fewer words, just go for it instead of inflating it.

Case studies

Case studies are another creative way to organize your building website content. For a construction company, a case study is a report that walks readers through a specific project while explaining how it started, the challenges it faced, and how the company managed to complete it. Timelines, images, and videos showing the progress of the project can further spice up a case study and make it more intriguing for readers.

Case studies can also help you with SEO. But more than that, they are great for showing off your work to the target audience and proving that you are a serious and seasoned construction contractor.


If you think a blog topic needs more discussion than a long article, convert it to an ebook. Gone are the days when a book had to be 50,000 words. Today, you can finish ebooks in less than 5,000 words. An e-book also works on two fronts. First, it tells the target audience that you’ve mastered your craft. Second, offering free ebooks helps establish that you provide unconditional value to your customers.

Along with these three main content blocks, also curate great social media copy that is engaging and SEO savvy. Also try to use as many photos and videos of your projects in blogs, case studies, and e-books. The visuals will only reinforce the given content.

If you want expert help creating, curating and publishing content for your construction business, contact Business Marketing Solutions Group. Its experts can help you through every step of creating and executing the content marketing strategy based on construction works and services.

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