AI Copywriting – Is This the Future of Content Marketing?

by Analytics Insight

December 24, 2021

AI in writing has a big role to play

Copywriting is essential for all businesses, whether online or offline, but it’s also a huge investment. Whether it’s hiring lots of freelancers or having in-house writers. Not only is it a huge investment, but it also takes time. Having great articles, emails, and product descriptions is what potential customers see from the brand. Therefore, having poor quality content can be detrimental. Nowadays, employees have the option of using AI software for drafting. Not only is this software cheaper, but also faster – the question is: is AI software the future of content marketing?

What is writing?

Before you can switch to AI (“Artificial intelligence”) and copywriting, we need to explain what copywriting is. Copywriting is necessary to create written content for businesses. This style of writing is usually focused on selling a product rather than entertainment. Copywriting also goes hand in hand with SEO. The idea behind SEO is to use specific keywords and create an article that will be easily found on search engines like google. Therefore, the task of a copywriter is to write high-quality content that sells the product or service while using SEO skills to rank their article well on search engines. Sounds like a great job, right? He is! This is also why creating high-quality content as a writer takes time and energy, so having AI software that will do this job in just a few clicks sounds appealing to many companies.

Can AI be the future of copywriting?

Yes and no! AI has a lot of potential to use in copywriting, but it lacks variety at the moment. If your idea is to create as much generic content as possible, AI software might be useful for you, but if you want to reach an audience and keep them reading, AI isn’t the answer (at least not now). In some areas, AI is already seeing real success, such as an AI trading bot that automates trades. If you want to know more, check out the demo account (pocket option) and get a better trading and AI feel without the risk of losing money. When it comes to writing AI, there are too many aspects that need more work, such as the following:

No emotions

AI only focuses on implementing specific keywords and information, but it cannot implement emotions. Especially if your goal is to sell products, you need to have articles that elicit an emotional response from the reader! It’s a unique trait that only a good copywriter can do.

Fair breeding

AI software can only reproduce content as it extracts information and phrases from existing articles. Sure, they put these phrases together in a unique way, but it’s still just a reproduction at the end.

It needs to be rechecked

Even if you decide to use AI for copywriting, that doesn’t mean everything will be automated. You should give the AI ​​all the information it needs to create content, and you should double-check it after writing the articles. This means that you still have to invest time in writing.

AI copywriting is suitable for product descriptions

Does that mean AI copywriting isn’t useful at all? No, AI writing programs are great for product descriptions, especially if you have a lot of products. You don’t need a lot of emotion or great writing skills to write these descriptions, but rather give the basic information about the product.

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