Akhil Jijo is advancing the digital marketing spectrum and mounting the collab name Digital Network Pvt Ltd.

Akhil Jijo advances the spectrum of digital marketing and rises the name collabo Digital Network Pvt Ltd.

A wide range of new areas have blossomed over the past decade of the Internet and technology where people were more confident to embrace the growth of the Internet as a blessing to try new things. Akhil Jijo is one of those cheerful personalities born to think divergently and innovate in the field of creation.

Akhil Jijo, Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Director of Collabo Digital Network Pvt Ltd, also a Brilliant expert in digital marketing, influencer marketing and talent management

The business world is exploding with technology. It has imposed itself on the market as a necessary means. He moves at high speed to bring the best to the world. Under the digital media benchmark, it has turned the tables on businesses. He changed the mode of operation by sweeping away traditional methods and set the bar high. They have reduced human power by making it quieter for businesses to operate and connect with their clients and customers.

Collabo is the largest network of freelance creators in South India and has a long track record of 9 years in the industry. The collabo’s vision is to expand into new age technologies such as NFT and meet creators’ aversion and help them achieve sustainable development in these sectors as well.

Akhil recalls being media and digitally inclined from a young age. Growing up, he knew he wanted to build something of his own and become an entrepreneur and a master in his field.

The more we discuss how aspiring entrepreneurs leave their distinctive footprints in the computer-based advertising industry, the less it seems they are being talked about. This is because these youthful gifts go beyond conventional business structures and with their imagination and commendable abilities outshine everyone else in the business.

Today Akhil is one of the early movers in influencer marketing activities in Kerala segment. Akhil Jijo also appeared as the youngest self-taught corporate staff in the influencer marketing and talent management industry

After seeing a blossoming in online marketing and the digital world, they decided to venture into the digital world with the aim of turning ordinary people into effective and authoritative personalities in their respective fields. He started as a marketing influencer and developed his skills to explore various other opportunities in the digital space.

Akhil is also director and creative head of media platforms Thamashpeedika and moviegram India. This offers true online media engagement for brands and collaborates with media houses and artists in the market during his glorious career as a digital entrepreneur in the world of digital media.

During his glorious career as a digital entrepreneur in the media space. Akhil Jijo has gathered an international clientele. He and his team of experts have given over 1000 brands a strong online presence on their respective e-commerce platforms. This has not only brought revenue to these brands, but also a favorable positioning in the market.

Gradually, Akhil Jijo realized that digital creation was the best career path for him and he actively worked to blast the skills and work experiences required to be considered a professional… Apart from that, people have also indirectly promoted it as it is. considered one of the trending avenues for making short videos on social media. Akhil jijo is also a media and PR consultant for celebrities and big stars / YouTube channels in South India

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