Apple looking for web-savvy content marketing executives3

Apple of Silicon Valley (AAPL) powerhouse is looking to add a creative director and art director with Web3 chops, according to two recent job postings on its careers website.

One of the lists is for an associate creative director candidate with “a demonstrated interest in interactive platforms and Web 3.0.” The other, for an art director position, called for “passion for experimentation and innovation, demonstrated interest in Web 3.0”, although Apple has since removed the listing from its website. A reposted version, however, is still floating around the internet.

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The postings relate to both roles within the company’s engagement and marketing team.

This is not the first time that Apple has called on crypto specialists. Last spring, the company was looking to hire a crypto expert to lead partnering efforts for its payments team.

Apple has long had an enigmatic relationship with cryptocurrency, never making public statements about its plans to enter the space. The listings are the only two posts on Apple’s career board with a Web3 mention.

Apple did not respond to CoinDesk’s request for comment.

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