Applied Launches Industry’s First Marketing Automation Tool

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“Applied Marketing Automation combines the power of email marketing technology with a wide range of world-class content specifically designed for the insurance agent and broker,” said Michael Howe (pictured), vice president executive of product management at Applied Systems. “This is an innovative new solution that provides four different content libraries to our US and Canadian customers that will provide agents and brokers with a wide range of pre-built professional content designed to enhance their marketing efforts and educate and engage customers. customers they’re trying to reach.

The new marketing automation app, which was launched by Applied CEO Taylor Rhodes at the Applied Net 2020 virtual conference, has five main components:

Content library: Agents and brokers have access to over 1,000 pieces of content focused on damages and benefits, including articles, infographics, in-depth analyses, checklists and more, qu ‘they can customize for their individual businesses and distribute to customers and prospects.

Campaign Management: Users can send one-time relevant content to a single client or set up and schedule a more complex, recurring automated marketing campaign to provide feed information to a selected audience. They can also develop their own recurring newsletter campaigns or send campaigns curated by Applied.

Contact and List Management: Agents and brokers can pull relevant information from Applied Epic to create hyper-targeted campaigns for prospects and customers. The app also ensures compliance with email marketing laws by managing subscription preferences.

Sales Management: Because the app is directly integrated with Applied Epic, any action users take in Applied Marketing Automation will trigger their preferred marketing or sales workflow in the agency’s management system.

Reporting and Analytics: With Applied Marketing Automation reporting, users can track which messages and content audiences are engaging with the most, allowing agents and brokers to easily tailor campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

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“Let’s say an agent wants to send a piece of content related to the topic of cybersecurity to a customer who has an upcoming renewal. As an agent, you understand the importance of cybersecurity and want to share relevant information to help the customer determine if the additional coverage is right for them,” Howe said. “After a quick search of Applied Marketing Automation’s content library, you find cyber content that’s perfect for the particular type of client you’re working with.

“Once you find this content, you can easily create and preview the external communication before sending it to the client. Cyber ​​content is built with your agency’s branding, which is important because it helps ensure that the communication represents your agency in a professional and relevant way. This communication is automatically documented in Applied Epic to ensure you always maintain the historical reference in your agency management system. And when it enters Applied Epic, it also creates a corresponding activity in the backend system, giving you the power to automatically trigger any related marketing and sales workflows you have set up in your agency.

Targeted and effective marketing campaigns are more important than ever in today’s digital age, where consumers have unlimited access to information at the push of a button. Howe added, “Applied Marketing Automation combines the power of sophisticated marketing automation and content resources to allow agencies and brokerages to focus more on their targeted marketing efforts to generate more business volume. important.”