Become a publishing powerhouse [Podcast]

Should you spend your time creating broad, general content to fill in the keyword gaps?
Or should you focus on what your business does best: niche content?

The answer can turn your business into a content publishing powerhouse.

Brian Morrissey, Founder of The Rebooting, joined me on the SEJ Show to share his publishing experiences, help you navigate the virtual fork, and unlock the key to transforming your business into a sustainable growth machine.

One of the things I love most about what’s happening in publishing right now is that more and more people are posting expert-level content. It’s incredible.–Brian Morrissey, 25:35

We are witnessing a shift towards experts. It’s incredibly important. It opens the edition.–Brian Morrissey, 23:06

The ability to talk about things like monthly recurring revenue, annual recurring revenue, the ability to earn royalties on your published work, whether it’s a painting or a pixel or an article or a A book is quite interesting, it’s something we haven’t had yet.–Loren Baker, 1:09:23

[00:00] – A little history on Brian.
[7:53] – How long the reboot has existed.
[12:45] – Has the pandemic accelerated personal publication?
[21:28] – Should businesses focus on a niche or expand?
[22:16] – The change that is happening now.
[33:29] – What led niche publications to become mainstream and now return to their roots?
[39:41] – An example of a business that has gone from large to niche.
[44:13] – Why media can be a great business.
[48:58] – Tips for e-commerce content marketing.
[52:52] – Brian’s take on The New York Times acquisition of Wirecutter.
[55:37] – The gateway to more revenue for publishers.
[57:49] – Are people willing to pay for scarcity?
[59:28] – Brian’s perspective on content creators.
[1:05:35] – Where is Web3 taking the publishing world?

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Everyone went crazy for social media and Facebook and tried to master this algorithm, and they kind of left behind like the original algorithm of the internet, which was SEO. –Brian Morrissey, 46:40

If you start investing in publishing and writing about your industry in your space, you can be the leader in your industry within a few years or even sooner. –Loren Baker, 8:00 p.m.

The internet kind of broke our brains – we weren’t supposed to like having so much information and trying to make sense of it. There’s this tendency to go back to scarcity, and I think part of the appeal of the newsletter is that they’re generally rare.–Brian Morrissey, 16:41

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Brian Morrissey is a media executive who writes about modern, sustainable media businesses at The Rebooting.

Previously, he was President/EIC of Digiday Media, a vertical media company. In addition to his extensive writing and writing experience, he has worked for The White House Writers Group, AdWeek, Digital Magazine, Silicon Alley, and even reported on the crash.

He is also oddly called a newsboy outside the Orlando bakery.

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