Belgian StoryChief obtains 3.4 million euros to evolve its content marketing platform with AI

StoryChief, a Ghent-based content marketing automation software, announced that it has raised €3.4 million in a new round of funding. The round was led by Capricorn Partners through their Capricorn Digital Growth Fund.

Existing investors Peak Capital, Anthony De Clerck, Pieter Casneuf, Johan Van Damme and Willem Delbare also participated in this round. StoryChief founders Valeri Potchekailov, Brik De Maeyer and Gregory Claeyssens also joined this round. Vlaio also provided a grant to make StoryChief smarter with an AI layer on top of its existing product.

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Steven Lambert, Chief Investment Officer at Capricorn, said, “StoryChief is the precursor to the next generation of intelligent marketing platforms that will not only replace point solutions, but also cover the entire content lifecycle in a smart way.

Prior to this round, StoryChief had raised €1.1 million in January 2020, led by Amsterdam-based venture capital firm Peak Capital.

David Zwagemaker, Partner at Peak Capital, said, “We are delighted to continue to support StoryChief by co-investing with Capricorn Partners so that StoryChief can continue to strengthen its content suite and become a leader in its category.

Use of capital

StoryChief says it is on a mission to help its clients grow through content and solve more complex content marketing challenges in the enterprise sector. With thousands of users in 65 countries, StoryChief claims to have been scalable.

With the funding raised, the startup says it will accelerate its international growth and enable innovation in its platform’s machine learning and AI capabilities.

How was StoryChief born?

According to the startup, content marketing can have a significant influence on the success of an organization. The problem for the majority of companies is that decentralized cooperation, distribution and measurement systems make work very tiring and tedious.

Examples include copying and pasting content into many content management systems, using various tools to optimize content for search engines, not having time to adapt content to all the different social media channels, and sending multiple Word documents, screenshots, or Google Doc links. back and forth by e-mail. If we continue like this, we may soon find ourselves in trouble.

The founders of StoryChief experienced this during their 5 years as a marketing agency, and in 2017 StoryChief was born. The company is on a mission to solve these challenges.

StoryChief helps agencies and marketing teams manage their content lifecycle in one place. This includes planning, briefing, cross-channel optimization, approval, publishing and analysis. The startup claims to increase its customers’ digital footprint, attract new leads, and increase sales.

In addition, the Belgium-based startup also facilitates cooperation and content publishing procedures, as well as improving its data engine to help businesses and marketing agencies make better choices when it comes to digital communication.

Co-founder Valery Potchekailov says, “We are seeing more and more demand from larger international marketing teams. Often they work in silos where it is more difficult for them to stay aligned on external communication. StoryChief breaks down this barrier and helps, for example, an Italian marketing manager to easily capture company news in the UK and tailor the message to their local market.

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