Best Marketing Agencies 2022: The Who’s Who of Digital Marketing Automation

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Automation is now the cornerstone of an effective end-to-end marketing strategy. In today’s world, only marketing agencies that embrace automation solutions and strategies will deliver campaigns and experiences that drive results for their clients. Legacy agencies that root themselves in the ways of the past will find themselves in the dustbin of marketing history.

Implementing marketing automation strategies is no small task. It takes a unique combination of creative intuition, technological savvy, and a deep understanding of sales and business operations to implement and manage a holistic strategy that encompasses all of these elements.

What exactly is marketing automation?

Marketing automation uses technology to “trigger” events based on human behavior, timing, or any other criteria. This can include automated list segmentation for leads, email or SMS communication, campaign registration, task creation, and any other myriad of triggered events.

While the benefits of marketing automation are too numerous to count, a few stand out.

  • Data Management – By segmenting and categorizing prospect data, marketers can focus their efforts on specific targets based on their profiles.
  • Consistency – Humans aren’t the most reliable when it comes to completing mundane tasks. Automation brings a level of consistency by performing these functions instead of leaving them to humans, whether it’s sending an email or text message, managing data, or enrolling prospects in campaigns. .
  • Human Management – ​​Automations can be designed using defined criteria to trigger assignments for sales teams, marketing managers, or any other team member to perform at precisely the right time.

There is an endless amount of marketing agencies that claim to be the best when it comes to automation strategies. Determining which agency can meet these demands requires complex analysis. We’ve taken a deep dive and compiled a list of the best marketing automation agencies of 2022. Keep reading to see who takes the top spot.

What are the best marketing automation agencies for 2022?

There are many marketing agencies in the United States, but only a handful of them can be considered the best. These agencies have proven themselves time and time again with their innovative and effective campaigns. They know how to reach consumers and get their message across loud and clear.

Here is the list of the top five marketing automation agencies for 2022:

#5. Marketing Orange

Marketing Orange is based in Southern California and provides a combination of growth strategies, demand generation marketing, website development and sales support to its SaaS and technology clients. Over the years, they have learned to listen to their clients and put a plan in place based on their goals. Orange Marketing is a HubSpot Diamond Partner, and its clients appreciate its data-driven approach to lead generation marketing.

#4. SmartBug Media

SmartBug Media is based in the United States but has a global presence. The company is a leader in inbound marketing, digital strategy, design, marketing automation, RevOps and public relations. They were also recently named HubSpot’s 2021 Partner of the Year.

#3. new breed

new breed was founded in Vermont in 2002. The agency manages marketing, sales enablement, customer success, operations, and website development for Saas, IT, healthcare, food production, and other industries. New Breed is a HubSpot Elite Partner.

#2. Impact

Impact Plus is another type of marketing agency. This HubSpot partner offers marketing services to clients in many industries, but its bread and butter is the They Ask, You Answer framework for inbound marketing. Founder Marcus Sheridan literally wrote the book on this exciting new trend in marketing. The company teaches organizations how to answer customer questions with online resources to guide potential customers through the buyer’s journey.

#1. Geekly Media – The perfect blend of technology and human ingenuity

media geek brings a strong skill set that earns them the top spot on our list of elite marketing automation agencies. Geekly Media’s team of self-proclaimed “marketing geeks” brings a unique blend of creativity, technical savvy, and business acumen rarely found in a single marketing organization. And they love automation, earning them the title of “marketing geeks”.

Their platform of choice is HubSpot, the leading marketing automation platform available. As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, Geekly creates complex and efficient automation workflows on HubSpot’s powerful platform like no other agency.

Tried and tested methods paired with intent-based digital marketing campaigns have earned Geekly Media accolades from its clients.

This marketing automation agency also offers inbound marketing strategies, curated content, website design, pay-per-click advertising, sales enablement, and guided DIY services for entrepreneurs who want to be more active in their marketing campaigns.

For these reasons, media geek takes our #1 spot for Best Marketing Automation Agency in 2022. To learn more about Geekly, you can

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