Breaking the White Noise of Content Marketing

In today’s crowded social media space, brands need to provide their target audience with a continuous stream of relevant content to stay engaged. Otherwise, the brand gets lost in the white noise of peers and competitors offering their own content. Trapit’s recent study confirms that even though marketers spend more than a quarter of their time on content marketing, most believe it’s still not enough.

This is not surprising, considering that the majority of marketers believe that a proper content strategy means sharing an average of 15 pieces of content per day. Meeting this demand isn’t easy, as nearly half say they’re unable to meet their organization’s content demands. This is why content curation has become an integral part of any content marketing campaign. However, sixty percent of marketers cite the difficulty of finding original content that peers or competitors aren’t also curating, which means how important the need to curate unique content really is.

Stay ahead of the noise

Traditional and social media have been inundated with the same white noise content. With the same sources and stories creeping into countless social media posts and blogs, it’s hard for brands to stand out. If your company shares the same information as everyone else, what makes an audience listen to you?

The solution is to create a more personalized content experience for audiences, delivering content that no other company can. While this is key to any content strategy, tracking content in real time – and personalizing it for different audiences – can seem impossible. Personalization and relevance may not be priorities when marketers are already struggling to find original content to share.

The new curation is intelligent automation

Marketers clearly need a better way to curate and personalize content for audiences, especially as the demand for content continues to rise and the competition for attention grows fiercer. New content curation solutions will need to offer intelligent and automated capabilities. And, with this kind of technology, audiences will no longer have to endure reading the same stories on every channel. Brands can become go-to resources for information and insights by leveraging solutions that discover and deliver unique and relevant content in real time, creating a personalized experience every time.