Building an international brand using marketing automation

Celebrity endorsements can give any brand a massive boost, and for Rachael Finch, her prominence as Miss Universe Australia 2009 and her career as a journalist and reality TV contestant provided the marketing foundation. ideal for her wellness brand, Kissed Earth.

But as the company now plans to expand into the United States, it needs to broaden and strengthen its marketing practices to ensure it achieves its goals.

Responsibility for the new strategy rests with Chief Marketing Officer, Amy Goodsell, who joined Kissed Earth in late 2020. Goodsell has been freelance for the company since its inception, managing its database and communications strategy.

“I love working for guys, I thought the product was really exciting,” Goodsell said. CMO. “I really like this startup atmosphere where you can really make a difference and be part of something bigger.”

One of Goodsell’s immediate challenges was to expand Kissed Earth’s awareness beyond people who were also Rachael Finch followers.

“Rach has a super healthy organic clientele, but when I came in full-time, we weren’t really going outside of that bubble,” Goodsell says. “We try everything. We’re pure play, so we don’t have bricks and mortar. We do posters and banners with Myer as a partner, but other than that everything is digital. »

Build a database

One of the significant changes made by Goodsell was the introduction of Dotdigital as Kissed Earth’s marketing automation platform. Having worked with the platform in previous roles, Goodsell says she was impressed with its ease of use, recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) analysis tools, built-in customer segmentation and its integration with paid and social advertising.

The platform has also been instrumental in achieving Goodsell’s goal of growing Kissed Earth’s database and generating more personalized campaigns, including more effective restocking campaigns.

“Dotdigital allows us to connect to the CRM and make sure we don’t over-communicate with our existing customers,” she says.

The ease with which she can switch models with Dotdigital was particularly helpful. “We do different things all the time, and every time we figure out exactly what we want our email template to look like, something changes,” Goodsell says.

“When I was using other platforms, it required developers to modify the templates, or a designer to modify a template and bring something to life, and it was very expensive.

“For Dotdigital, it’s drag-and-drop ease, so you can change it for each campaign.”

Since adopting Dotdigital, Kissed Earth has seen a 30% increase in year-over-year database growth, with a customer retention rate of 61%. Replenishment email campaigns have also proven successful, with campaigns for its Brilliance collagen booster delivering a 28% open rate and 15% click-to-open rate, while its collagen, Cleanse, became one of its fastest growing products with a 22 percent buyback rate.

Goodsell says implementing marketing automation has been key as the company began to ramp up its growth ambitions.

“We plan to expand into the US and focus on that market for the next 12 months, and have also started marketing there via social media and Google,” Goodsell says.

Part of the US strategy sees Kissed Earth replicate the online competitions that Goodsell says have proven popular in Australia.

“It’s something our loyal followers and fans love,” she says. “We took that strategy to the US and it went crazy. We have a very strong core audience, and it helps us use that database in the US to find similar lookalike audiences.

Strategies like this, along with a greater reliance on US-based influencers and localized content, will be key to helping bring Kissed Earth’s brand proposition into this new market.

“The company’s philosophy is nothing but the best, therefore nature’s finest and most potent ingredients,” says Goodsell. “Rach is such a genuine personality. She provides so much supportive information, and goes above and beyond to help people use the products and get the best results.

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