Vidranya (+91-86674-08532), the Chennai-based marketing agency, has announced a new update to its services for 2022. The digital marketer uses privileged relationships with high-authority publications to ensure a Targeted brand growth. Chennai, India – January 20, 2022 — Businesses can take advantage of cutting-edge SEO services and content marketing strategiesRead More →

Listen NEW! Listen to the article Login or Register to access this audio feature! No worries … it’s FREE! You may know of marketers suffering from “hot new platform exhaustion”. The disease typically affects members of a marketing team who spend endless hours rearranging content to fit specific platforms. JustRead More →

The online marketing toolkit for sales reps hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years. We saw some improvements in reliability and automation. Online advertising seems to be getting by, slowly. Websites are becoming more standardized and continue to be centralized under major brands. Things will likely be the sameRead More →

BOSTON, December 17, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Brick Marketing, a Bostondigital marketing agency, helps clients improve their content marketing by helping them create unique strategies that meet their business goals. Brick Marketing has added several additional writers to its team to improve the quality and volume of content creation. Brick MarketingRead More →

Businessman doing marketing research on laptop Getty Some transformations that reshaped content marketing at the height of the pandemic were likely to happen anyway. Key technology-driven businesses, such as remote learning and working, telemedicine, streaming entertainment and online shopping, were already on the rise. The pandemic has simply triggered aRead More →

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action” (Source: Content Marketing Institute). Content is not just information you can distribute. People who buy fromRead More →

Content connects a business to consumers not just for selling, but also for sharing information, humor, and skill. But generating content ideas can be difficult. Remember, content marketing is about creating, publishing, and promoting articles, podcasts, and the like that attract, engage, and retain an audience of customers. Here areRead More →

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve experienced the importance of marketing and communications, and realize that brands and companies that invest heavily here will emerge stronger on the other side. With a lack of face-to-face interaction, the traditional B2B model is not adequate and has forced B2B buyers and sellers toRead More →

Using storytelling in marketing can help create a captivated audience. Getty Stephanie Ricci contributed to this story. Sean Stanleigh’s extensive journalism background has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of storytelling. Working in various senior editor roles at The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star provided him withRead More →

NEW YORK, November 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to research report “Content Marketing Market – Forecast and Analysis Report 2021-2025“, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.73% in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% from 2020 to 2025. Attractive Opportunities inRead More →

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve experienced the importance of marketing and communications, and realize that brands and companies that invest heavily here will emerge stronger on the other side. With a lack of face-to-face interaction, the traditional B2B model is not adequate and has forced B2B buyers and sellers toRead More →

Content marketing is a constant flow of planning and production. And topics, even for search engine optimization, can be hard to come by. Content should be useful, informative, or entertaining, and it should help a business attract, engage, and retain an audience of customers and prospects. So for December 2021Read More →

Greenlight’s Ysabelle Devereux won the ‘Rising Star in Content Marketing’ category at the Drum Awards for Content 2021. Here, the team behind the winning entry shares the secrets to Ysabelle’s success… how it started Ysabelle Devereux’s journey in digital public relations began after completing her Masters in Corporate Communication, MarketingRead More →

The demand for creative and high-quality content is increasing in our digital world. Consumers want engaging and personalized experiences when they connect with brands. Therefore, customer experience with content is one of the main indicators of success in many marketing organizations. “Today, customer expectations are growing at a rate we’veRead More →

NNA | Update: October 26, 2021 6:42 p.m. STI Bombay (Maharashtra) [India] October 26 (ANI/Newsvoir): Leading content marketers and brand custodians across the country and around the world believe that content marketing needs have increased significantly over the past two years. And consumers, communities, and the growth of regional contentRead More →

The evolution of digital marketing also calls for big changes in content marketing strategy. By 2022, marketers will need to embrace the latest trends in content marketing by changing tone, style, and format for a voice-driven world. After a turbulent fiscal year, the importance of content is set to growRead More →

Comparisons, top 10 lists, customer testimonials, an old mystery, and Thanksgiving leftovers are all topics that could influence your content marketing business in November 2021. Content marketing is the act of creating, publishing, and promoting content for the express purpose of attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. Here are five contentRead More →

Content is king and content marketing has exploded over the past decade. Businesses are starting to see real value in marketing content (instead of products or services) to consumers. And the real estate industry is no different. The goal of content is to engage your potential buyers and lead themRead More →

Brands have a significant opportunity to improve their content marketing, with research from News Corp Australia revealing that only 34% of Australians believe brands meet their content needs. The Power of Brand Content study, which surveyed 1,000 Australians, was commissioned by the publisher’s content agencies; Medium Rare, Storyation and Suddenly,Read More →

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA (September 22, 2021) – The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has named Pace Communications, North America’s largest independent full-service female-owned marketing agency, the winner in the category of the award. agency of the year 2021. CMI’s Content Marketing Awards program is designed to recognize the best content marketingRead More →

Content has always been king, but it took a pandemic to remind us how essential good digital content is for B2B brands to connect with audiences. According to research by Demand generation report, 61% of marketers rank content marketing as one of their most important tactics for engaging prospects, generatingRead More →

Bangladesh Brand Forum, in association with International Advertising Association Bangladesh, hosted the first-ever Content Marketing Conference from August 20-21. Founder and Managing Director of Bangladesh Brand Forum, Shariful Islam opened the virtual conference. During his opening remarks, he said, “While content and everything associated with it has grown in popularity,Read More →

Silos can hold your team back, whether it’s a breakdown in communication between marketing and sales or marketing functions that simply don’t work well together. Too often, content marketing is treated as something separate from the rest of your brand marketing. As a result, brands are losing opportunities to amplifyRead More →

2022 is coming, and with it new possibilities to explore in content marketing. While the opportunities may be plentiful, brands need to prioritize strategies that will yield greater ROI. Here are two approaches to content marketing, albeit old school, but they still demonstrate greater ROI than most brands think theyRead More →

A workstation. PICTURES | TO FILE The concept of content marketing dates back to the 1670s when Dutch inventor Jan van der Heyden designed white papers, visual content, and catalogs to market his fire hose. Hundreds of years later, the general content marketing strategy has largely remained the same, althoughRead More →

In September 2021, content marketers can offer courses, suggest giveaways, celebrate holidays like Grandparents Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, or provide hands-on help. Content marketing is the creation, publication and promotion of content to attract, engage and retain an audience of customers. Content marketing can boost search engine optimization. It canRead More →

In August 2021, e-commerce and omnichannel retailers have many content marketing topics to choose from, including back-to-school shopping guides, informative e-books, MTV’s 40th anniversary, presidential jokes and items with an international flavor. Content marketing is the process of creating content, publishing and promoting it to attract, engage and retain anRead More →

Diving brief: L’Oreal USA is expanding its Pinterest activation with a new campaign that leverages the platform’s content creators, according to an emailed announcement to Marketing Dive. The reconciliation begins this week and will continue until mid-September. More than 20 Pinterest creators will develop branded content for seven of L’Oréal’sRead More →

Account-based marketing is hot in B2B sales because it works. ABM can be an interesting strategy to pursue if your organization wants to reduce costs and increase leads. According to a Forrester Consulting analysis of software company ABM Terminus, companies have reduced their marketing campaign costs by 40% using ABM.Read More →

Helsinki-based e-commerce platform Nosto has acquired content marketing startup Stackla. This is Nosto’s first acquisition and a strong entry into the Australian and South Asian markets. To date, Nosto has raised $32.8 million across 4 rounds from investors including OpenOcean Capital, Idinvest, Sanoma Ventures, Tesi, EIB, Wellington Partners and KreosRead More →

One of the many challenges I face with my clients is creating content that is visually appealing and informative, while motivating them to make a purchase. While many seminars, professionals, and books will tell you there are “five steps to success” or best practices, ultimately knowing your customer’s buying mindsetRead More →

Lindsey Tjepkema is a fifteen year veteran of B2B marketing and has watched the growth of content marketing during that time. Based on her experience working with several companies, she found content marketing to be a very manual and time-consuming process with no way to measure her performance. She decidedRead More →

Wikipedia can be useful for content marketing, link building, and entity research, helping marketers reach an audience of potential customers. To be clear, since at least 2007 all external Wikipedia links include the no following attribute, instructing search engines not to count links in page ranking algorithms. All external linksRead More →

The importance of content/emotional triggers in content marketing. By Sharmin Ali The content industry has evolved and broadened its scope considerably over the past decade. Today, content creators use multiple formats – text, images, videos, podcasts and webinars to create engaging content and get their message across to their targetRead More →

PHOTO: Adobe Content marketing can provide one of the most remarkable transformations for any business when done correctly. As a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to a target audience, businesses around the world have seen the benefits of properly implementing content marketing. According to theRead More →