With the limitation of social interactions over the past two years, e-commerce has grown in importance at breakneck speed. Nate Burke, CEO and Founder of Digital Marketer Diginius, shares his predictions for e-commerce trends in 2022 and offers helpful advice on how businesses can adapt to an ever-changing market. OmnichannelRead More →

Brody VinsonOwner/Operator at Vinson Digital Marketing Website address: https://www.vd.marketing/ Each week on “Digital Champions,” our host interviews media experts across the country. This week, our host talks to Brody Vinson of Vinson Digital Marketing. To find out more see https://www.vd.marketing/ What is your company’s Elevator pitch when talking about yourRead More →

Baton Rouge digital marketing company Click Here Digital will receive nearly $450,000 in state tax relief after creating 15 new jobs in Louisiana. The credit comes from the state’s Quality Jobs program, which offers rebates to businesses that create “high-paying” jobs in Louisiana. Click here Digital jobs will pay aboutRead More →

Kalamazoo, Mich., January 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — SPARK Business works acquired Convergent1, a Houston, TX based marketing agency that specializes in providing full-service digital marketing services for high-growth businesses in construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, and professional services. convergent1 has distinguished itself by helping its clients make the transition toRead More →

PHOTO: Wirestock Marketers face the prospect of complying with existing consumer data privacy laws, tackling new ones expected in 2022, and managing customer data, all while dealing with forces such as the fading third-party cookie tracking. According to a 2021 Deloitte Insights Report. That said, 2021 has left its markRead More →

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In the age of online shopping, digital marketing companies are using the potential of AI to improve customer experience in online stores. By Raghav Bagai Artificial intelligence (AI) makes our daily life more efficient in multiple ways that are used behind the scenes in our daily lives. It helps usRead More →

Specialized SEO provider, blue board, discusses resource challenges in digital marketing and search. With marketing spending returning to pre-pandemic levels, there’s a lot of hiring right now. We are seeing headcount exceeding pre-pandemic hiring levels because there is such a demand for new talent. Post-Covid, most brands are shifting theirRead More →

Marketing tactics were already changing rapidly before the pandemic, as digital transformation boosted the adoption and popularity of social media and other online forums. Yet COVID-19 has changed everything, accelerating changes in how we communicate, including how marketers engage the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Partner Insights spoke with MarciRead More →

As podcasts become increasingly popular, it has become increasingly difficult to sort through the sea of ​​excellent options available. From interviews with business leaders to industry-specific expert advice, podcasts are an amazing free and convenient way to get a little dose of inspiration and knowledge. This short list offers justRead More →

ra2studio Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming popular topics among digital marketers. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are the basis of many digital marketing campaigns targeting new users around the world. Additionally, Bitcoin adoption is growing, and several businesses are constantly looking for more creative ways to attract online, crypto-friendly customers. WhileRead More →

“Cross-channel,” “multi-channel,” “integrated,” and “holistic” are just a few of the terms marketers use to describe campaigns that run across multiple channels and platforms. However, when it comes to articulating what is meant by “cross-channel digital marketing strategy‘, the explanations are decidedly unclear, often using grandiose statements such as ‘creatingRead More →

The metaverse is currently one of the hottest areas of marketing, but questions remain about how privacy – a increasingly important value for consumers – will be factored into the burgeoning space. A lack of technical knowledge about augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), historically slow-moving political regulations, and consumer skepticism createRead More →

Still, radical action needed to save Palestinian economy, says Gaza-based economist [Gaza City] The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply shaken the world, including the world’s largest economies, with serious and far-reaching consequences. However, the effects are particularly devastating for the Palestinian territories, and in particular for the Gaza Strip. With anRead More →