Companies Partner to Offer Digital Marketing Solutions in Nigeria | The Guardian Nigeria News

Netcore Cloud, an interactive marketing solutions provider and Axon Analytics, a creative digital agency in Nigeria, have established a joint venture to deliver high quality digital marketing services to clients in the country for the past five years.

The market need for seamless omnichannel marketing and digital marketing solutions was the reason the two companies collaborated to grow the marketing communications industry in Nigeria.

According to the company’s Regional Vice President for Africa, Nisham Chhabra, Netcore cloud is a global martech products company that helps B2C brands create exceptionally seamless digital experiences for customers that help in the acquisition, engagement and loyalty. Supported by marketing automation and personalization, it has enabled four of Nigeria’s largest banks to develop a digital approach to their customers through email, mobile apps and social media.

He said: “While the bank has already moved towards digitalization, the last 18 months of confinement have further accelerated its pace. Millions of Nigerians have grown accustomed to the idea of ​​banking from the comfort of their homes. Recognizing this emerging need for digital experiences, Netcore Cloud enables marketers to smoothly go digital and create exceptional customer experiences.

“Armed with a comprehensive growth platform for marketing, product management, growth management, and customer engagement, Netcore Cloud identifies vast pools of customer data and transforms it into valuable insights in real time. to power all aspects of a company’s digital growth. Often marketers have to play guesswork when making decisions and hoping for the best.

“Netcore Cloud’s AI-powered Raman engine removes this risk. Using the power of AI, Raman identifies the personality of your customers and defines a unique strategy to establish an effective connection with each customer. This level of hyper-personalization has effectively improved marketing ROI for thousands of marketers. »

In his own explanation, Netcore’s Customer Success Manager Chukwudi Nwokike further explained that for more than two decades, Netcore Cloud has been the trusted partner and a leading player in creating experiences and solutions. digital fluids for banking and financial institutions around the world.