Content Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business Online

There are many aspects to growing an online business. A popular aspect is the use of paid ads on social media (Facebook/Instagram) or Google (Google Ads). While many of these can be effective when done right, the cost involved in running successful ads online can be a deterrent. However, content marketing offers any business the opportunity to appear on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), as well as relevant blogs and forums where your customers congregate without spending money on ads. .

Strategies for successful content marketing:

  1. Determine who the content is for: Be intentional about where the content is going. This ensures that every piece of content is laser-targeted and meets the exact need of buyers.
  2. Select Channel: According to the target audience above. The business owner needs to figure out which channels his target audience is on. These can be a combination of blogs, forums and social platforms.
  3. Have a Content Program: The idea of ​​content marketing is a marketing system that is non-intrusive. Having a carefully crafted and tracked content calendar helps achieve this goal. This ensures that the content channel mimics the buyer’s journey from awareness to interest, consideration, and decision.
  4. Launch an email newsletter: Newsletters are another form of inbound content marketing strategy that helps businesses nurture and maintain relationships with their customers. This is key to getting a customer’s business repeatedly.

How does a business owner determine what to write about since the idea is to provide useful, useful and relevant content for the intended target audience? The key to successful content marketing starts with conducting keyword research. Although there are several keyword research tools, Google has its own Google Keyword Planner Tool available at

Here is a breakdown of the process for performing keyword research. Once on the link above, click on ‘get started’, on the next page that opens, click on ‘tools’ as shown below;

  • Google Keyword Planner – tools and settings tab

This brings up a pop-up, keep clicking on the Keyword Planner as shown below

On the page that opens, click on “discover a new keyword”. This is where the fun begins.

  • Keyword research stage – discover a new keyword

Once opened, it opens a window where, once examples of phrases related to an industry, Google displays a list of other relevant keywords for that industry.

  • G Keyword Planner – insert keyword

Writing content around these keywords on blogs is a great way to help any business rank on Google without spending money on Pay Per Click (PPC) ads.

Content marketing doesn’t just happen on a company’s website (blog), these contents can also be posted on forums and as a guest blog on other relevant websites. As a general rule, make sure each article is relevant, useful, and valuable to the intended audience.

Content marketing takes time and effort, but when done consistently over time, it can yield great results for any business.