Content Marketing to be Valued at 417 Billion by 2026 Inkxpert Review

Inkxpert, which has been backed by a number of Silicon Valley seed capital firms such as Hudson Investments and KSA Partners, has seen a dramatic rise in the ongoing outbreak as software companies migrate to remote working. . The startup received US$4.2 million in seed money in the Series A round. While finding the best team of technical writers who understand the finer details of your software business is never easy, Inkxpert can be the answer.

Inkxpert offers a specialized technical research and writing team for your day-to-day marketing materials, website content, Google SEO, social media management, case studies and white papers in the growing demands and standards of the Industry 4.0 economy, where every business wants to reduce marketing expenses and increase revenue. Content marketing spending is estimated at $320 billion according to Inkxpert Review of market research in Europe, the United States and Asia-Pacific in fiscal year 22-23. The company’s main credo is to act as a collaborative partner who knows your product and creates material that effectively represents your thought leadership.

Inkxpert sees it as a continuous learning process for all of its technical writers; each of them is assigned to a certain customer and is exposed to the company’s products while cooperating with its operations and marketing teams to create the best material. They also make sure to assign a copywriter with appropriate technical training in the client’s company, which facilitates communication.

In today’s writing industry, the most common and important business model was one that worked word by word, the creators of Inkxpert turned it into a Netflix-style subscription model to provide a 360 degree content marketing service throughout the month to their clients. In this business model, Inkxpert customers have complete freedom and freedom to simply start or stop the service at any time of the month, which then helps reduce the annual expense of running a full-time staff. . Inkxpert’s customer review services suggest exceptional turnaround time with superb content quality, easily tracked by customers. Investors and founders of Inkxpert are experimenting with expanding to other types of jobs where freelancing is possible.

According to an industry source, Inkxpert is currently valued at around US$7 million, with an expected annual growth rate of 71.3% in FY22-23. It has offices in New York, Berlin, London and India, and a global workforce of over 400 technical writers and marketing professionals working to make a difference in Industry 4.0 through its market of content.

IT, Software Development, BFSI, EdTech, and Fashion & Lifestyle are some of the major areas in which they provide their content services. Many IT companies and BFSI realize the importance of content marketing as it directly affects their search ranking, builds trust with potential customers. , serves as a platform for in-house thought leadership and compellingly showcases the company’s product and work profile through brochures and case studies.

While there are plenty of rivals in the content marketing space, Inkxpert’s Netflix-style subscription model has clearly created a position in the technical writing space. Inkxpert reviews the SEO performance of its content through Adobe and Salesforce marketing tools to determine the top rankings of its client websites. And with that, they are standing against their competitors to serve their customers with the finest quality polished content they provide and will continue to do so.