Digital Content Marketing Sees Exponential Increase During and After Pandemic / World of Digital Information

The pandemic has not been easy for any of us. Its importance was not only localized in our daily activities. Yet even the world’s most successful trading empires have been affected. Despite the obstacles, they have managed to support themselves, and it all goes back to content marketing. While many thought content marketing’s boom would wane post-pandemic, a recent study suggests it’s become the new way for international and local businesses to communicate and interact with their customers!

A study conducted and managed by the Meta Branded Content Project team and Borrell Associates focused on the long-term impacts of the pandemic on digital content marketing. It is focused on local businesses, regardless of their size of work. It examines the use of content marketing during and after the pandemic. Brands have used the digital medium to share their experiences of getting back on track during COVID-19. In short, research concludes that digital content marketing is here to stay!

Digging deeper into the research, the team says that around 42% of local businesses that took part in the study are now prioritizing content marketing in the coming years. This finding came after a shocking $20 billion was spent on the creation and distribution of digital content marketing. That too in a short time of two years!

Now that the world is getting back to business as usual after the pandemic, why do local businesses continue to spend big bucks on digital content marketing? The research carefully examines the multiple factors considered by local businesses and concludes that content marketing can be a great way to keep in touch with existing customers and attract new buyers! Although it might seem pretty obvious, this is an important step taken by local businesses and brands to enter the world of digital marketing. Previously, only giant platforms could use social media platforms to increase their reach. However, with the introduction of smartphones and the internet to an increasing number of people around the world, it’s no surprise that small businesses are now part of the digital space!

One of the biggest reasons a local business may choose to spend a ton on content marketing in 2022 is because they can connect with their customers on a more personal level by sharing meaningful content. In contrast, the reason for occupying the digital space was very different last year. Due to the pandemic, getting local brands into the digital space in 2021 was more of a necessity than a brilliant marketing move. Over the past year, many local businesses have made their way to the web with a signature website. This allows them to face growing competition, expand their customer base, and develop effective strategies to drive digital and organic traffic to their websites.

You will see many more local businesses online now. Including all informative videos, influencers sponsoring their products, workshops and seminars. Be sure to ask your favorite local business about their social media and website the next time you’re in the store!

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