Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms and Labor Outsourcing

Every lawyer knows they need to market, but they are easily overwhelmed when they try to add all these tasks to their own to-do list. It is therefore important to know when to outsource and how to outsource effectively.

Whether you’ve hired marketers before or this is your first time, you’ll want to make the most of your time and make the hiring process as efficient as possible. Let’s discuss how to hire the best marketing support for your team.

When is it time to hire marketing help?

Your business has grown over the past few months, but is it really time to hire some marketing help? There are a few good signs that you need to outsource this:

  • You don’t spend time working on the business because you’re overwhelmed with client work

  • Your marketing efforts are sporadic at best

  • You don’t know what marketing activities actually drive results

  • You need more customers, but you don’t know how to get there

What to look for when outsourcing marketing

Once you’ve decided it’s time to bring in an outside professional, take some time to decide what traits you want to see. The legal work is thorough and urgent, and the marketing is very similar. A resume full of spelling mistakes or a cover letter obviously written for another company can be red flags. Previous work in the legal industry is helpful, but experience in other detail-oriented industries may suffice.

Strong communication skills are also a priority. When juggling multiple cases, you need an administrator who can communicate with you effectively and avoid unnecessary check-ins. An assistant who can clearly communicate issues or concerns to you and act on your feedback is a great asset to your business.

Remember to check references or testimonials during this process.

Avoid these hiring mistakes

Avoiding common mistakes can save you time and money. There are three big mistakes to avoid when it comes to adding an outsourced marketer to your law firm team.

Mismatch of values

First, don’t hire someone who doesn’t align with your values ​​and business procedures. If they find your area of ​​practice offensive or unnecessary, that attitude will be obvious to clients. They should be prepared to deal with distressed or rushed customers without damaging your business’s reputation.

Unrealistic expectations

Don’t expect the world of a new marketing professional. Regardless of their experience, it will take time to learn your company’s protocols. Create a realistic training schedule that includes time for questions and feedback. If you already have an administrative assistant and are trying to add to your team, consult with them on what they think should be included.

Assigning too much too soon

Don’t hand over all your tasks to your marketing agency or freelancer and disappear into your office. Start slow and start with a marketing plan. Otherwise, you risk overwhelming this new person and putting them in a position where they are unable to achieve their goals. Use an onboarding process that leaves plenty of room for feedback, improvement plans, and training sessions.

With the right marketer, you can take your law firm’s success to the next level and focus your time on what you do best: helping your clients.