Don’t Be Afraid To Break These 7 Content Marketing Rules

Content marketing is the way to stay in touch with small business prospects to showcase their expertise. There’s a lot of advice on how to do this, it’s just plain wrong.

For example, here are seven content marketing rules to break:

Rule 1

Send a monthly newsletter to inform customers and prospects of several topics that may be of interest to them.

How to break the rule: Send emails to a topic to highlight a relevant tip. This way, the customer will read it quickly and the business will get the brand boost they want. It now takes 21 brand recalls for a prospect to remember the brand.

Rule 2

Don’t mix education messages with sales messages. Content marketers advise the company to separate these two types of messages.

How to break the rule: Always be on sale. Condition the audience to always expect offers from the company during their training. This will result in more sales each year.

Rule 3

Always be part of the online conversation on social media in the company’s area of ​​expertise.

How to break the rule: Only participate when the company has something useful to say and can add value to the conversation. While it should be consistent, a business doesn’t need to be part of every conversation on every platform and website. This will translate into being productive, not just busy.

Rule 4

Pre-schedule posts in advance so they appear consistently throughout the day.

How to break the rule: This can be dangerous as a company might have pre-programmed messages about a car rusting and the news of the day is that one of the major automakers has filed for bankruptcy. Be part of what’s relevant.

Rule 5

Do not measure the result because this type of marketing is very time consuming.

How to break the rule: All marketing should be measured for results. If there are no results, don’t invest in it. Think about what success looks like before you start a content marketing strategy.

Rule 6

Leave the review process to customers to publish.

How to break the rule: Certain sets of customers will naturally post comments on social media sites. Other customers should be approached by the company to encourage reviews and referrals. Don’t be afraid to just ask.

Rule 7

Unique size. A piece of content can be shared in its same form across multiple sites and platforms.

How to break the rule: Customize the content to fit the site. Emphasize quick tips or wit on Twitter. Use photos or videos on Facebook. Highlight the educational nature of the publication on LinkedIn. Show it off in a series of photos on Pinterest.

What content marketing rules are you breaking?

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