Eight Important Strategies for Mastering Video Content Marketing

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It’s no surprise that video content has dominated marketing in various industries. Apps like TikTok and Instagram’s IGTV and Reels features allow you to better engage consumers with short clips about a given product or service.

However, each company has its own unique approach to video marketing. So to offer you some tips on how to leverage video for your particular business, eight members of Rolling Stone Cultural Council explained their proven strategies and how you can replicate them for your own success.

Consider your real needs

I run a video agency, and far too often we see companies wasting money on ineffective video content because they’ve just been told they “need video.” Implement the strategy that suits your needs, targeting the right audience with the right message. And if video is the way to go, create beautiful and engaging content that inspires people to take action. But strategy first. – Brian Chin, p3 Maine

Let your content speak for itself

As reputation managers for global leaders, we let the content speak for itself. If one of our clients is giving a keynote address, for example, it needs to be filmed and edited so it can be delivered in multiple formats and travel far beyond where it was delivered. This has always been true in thought leadership, but it’s now all the more critical during Covid and with the prevalence of Zoom. – Paul Blanchard, Right angles

Be clear and visually appealing

Video content is vital. We eat with our eyes, and video content gives a true 3D visual (and audio) perspective that resonates deeper than even the most beautiful yet. As attention spans shrink and the competition to catch consumers’ eyes increases, communicating with customers in a succinct, clear, and engaging way is key to driving engagement and business. – Olivier Caillabet, Toki Metro

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Educate your community

Product education is arguably our most important role as retailers in the cannabis industry. Video content has proven to be the most effective way for our business to educate our community about the products we sell and how our business positively impacts our neighborhood. We have found that product reviews and educational videos make our customers more confident in their purchases. – Kenneth Churchill, West Coast Cannabis Club

Script what you want to film

We have a very visual product that lends itself to video. Scripting what you want to film can be very useful even if you are not speaking. Doing a few dry runs can also be extremely helpful. Review the videos immediately and decide if you need to redo. It’s amazing what the camera picks up in terms of reflections, foreign objects, etc. that you do not notice “live”. Have fun! – Brian Framson, Citrus America Inc

Be authentic and empower your audience

At its core, the hair and beauty industry is based on aesthetics – what people see. When our team thinks of new ways to engage with our fellow stylists and store owners, we lean into video because it’s a natural outlet for the majority of beauty professionals. We speak their language and laugh a little, while “educating” the market about the tools that help grow their small businesses. If you’re considering video as part of your marketing strategy, first take stock of how and where your users are consuming content. Be authentic in your approach, have fun, and always let your community feel empowered. – Courtney Caldwell, ShearShare, Inc.

Have a plan for creating, organizing and storing your content

First, you need to capture or otherwise acquire the video footage. The good news is that you already own one of the best content capture devices: your phone. Capture images and start getting familiar with editing at least at a basic level. There are video package templates that you can basically cut and paste to bring a marketing video to life. Also, be sure to upgrade your storage. – Michael Polk, Billboardology.com

Follow the basics of storytelling

Video is arguably the most engaging marketing medium if done right. Video can convey and connect on a deeply emotional level. Whether you convey a lighthearted or serious tone, video should follow the age-old tenants of storytelling. Otherwise, it becomes easily ignorable. No matter how long your video content is, use its full potential to tell a meaningful story. It’s a fun challenge. – Matt Blackburn, ORDERED