Ephrata City Council Hears Plan to Hire Digital Marketing Company | Community News

When: Ephrata Borough Council meeting, May 2.

What happened: The borough council has heard of a plan to hire Quantum Dynamix of Lancaster to “develop, execute and manage a communications and public relations strategy for the borough”.

why is it important: The task of the company, according to board member Kory Musser, chairman of the special projects committee, will be to share information on social media platforms about events, happenings, changes such as road closures and other “public safety events” relevant to Ephrata. Musser said the move relieves that burden on borough employees. “Nobody’s really been trained for this,” Musser said. “They just come and do it as the need arises. But now we will have a proactive approach to communicating with the community.

The next step: Borough Director Michael McKenna will meet with Quantum Dynamix to develop a service agreement for council to review and vote on at the May 9 meeting.

As well: The Board considered a request from the Ephrata Farmers’ Day Association to hold the 103rd Ephrata Fair on the streets of the borough during the week of September 20-24. The request is to use parking lots owned by the Borough, the Borough Hall, Whistle Stop Plaza and other locations. The association included a request to hold the annual fairground parade on Old Mill Road and on Oak and King streets, and to close some streets on September 21 for the parade.

Disbursement of pandemic funds: At the next meeting, officials will likely decide how to use American Rescue Plan Act funds for “public safety compensation.” The amount used is $357,464, of which $26,529 will be used for technological projects.

Next meeting: The council will vote on these points and many others during its meeting on May 9, starting at 7 p.m. at the borough hall.