Expert urges entrepreneurs to embrace digital marketing

Observing the growing number of businesses launching daily, Joy Eghebi, CEO of Jacbellmedia, business coach, urged entrepreneurs to embrace digital marketing to give their platform a better chance of survival.

Eghebi speaking with Online forum said on Friday that a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential for entrepreneurs to grow and improve their online business as well as to increase brand awareness.

She pointed out that her initiative, Jacbellmedia business coach, was launched to help small businesses grow and develop proven strategies that would propel them to the right customer, invariably increasing sales.

She said, “I help businesses and businesses grow through Push Group, digital strategies like advertisements, building an online presence through social media and also coaching on marketing strategies to put on. in place to grow online.

“I also help online businesses manage and drive results from sponsored ads on all social media platforms and with the Jacbell 100 Days Small Business Push Group.

“I focus more on coaching because we’ve realized that companies love having in-house staff that they can pay monthly to make sure they’re highly visible online, but most of the time they barely put in the money. implement or barely do it the right way, so I train business owners and staff to grow their business well.”

Eghebi further called on Nigerian entrepreneurs to study what experts in related fields have done to position their businesses at the top.

She also noted that following rapid advances in technology that have increased the threat posed by competition, visionary entrepreneurs should embrace and keep pace to stay relevant in business and challenge market fairness.

Addressing several challenges the company faces in achieving its goals, the CEO of Jacbellmedia, a business coach, noted that the country’s poor network topped the list.

“A major challenge is basically a bad network, I would say because really I don’t see any challenge as a challenge because I end up not remembering any of them.

“Nothing is a challenge, but it’s all part of the business. But the hardest part is advertising someone who is a scam and doesn’t know it,” she added.


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