Five tips for content marketing success from agency Bellamy’s Organic

Tam Al-Saad, Principal Consultant at Web Profits, the company that led Bellamy’s Organic’s content marketing strategy, explained the key factors that led to success at the recent Naturally Good Business Summit 2019.

“Ad blocking has increased dramatically over the past few years, making it increasingly difficult to get eyeballs on the ads your business may run,”said Al-Saad.

“[This is why] Content marketing is a good alternative because it helps break through the noise to directly connect and build a relationship with the consumer.

“Before developing a strategy, it is important to identify your consumer segment, [so as to] give them what they want when they want it.

He pointed out that content marketing is a “strategic process”​, as demonstrated by the approach used by Bellamy’s Organic, which has managed to put the company on the map and grow rapidly over the past few years, not only domestically, but also in South Asia. Southeast and China.

For Bellamy’s, the target demographic was mothers, and the five-step content strategy in place focused exclusively on delivering content for this segment.

Suitable for all

The five main stages of Bellamy’s content marketing strategy were: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty and Advocacy, which Al-Saad described as an approach that could work for a range of different [companies and] industries through B2B and B2C’​ .

“For the first step, which was to create awareness, it was crucial to develop content that meets the needs of consumers, and that brings them [even] when you don’t think about the products”,he said.

“Bellamy’s had already identified its target audience as health-conscious mothers, and as such we could create content specifically targeting the needs of these expectant mothers, [for example in the form of recipes or dietary advice for this group, showcased through articles or videos].”

In this case, the consideration was to build credibility and trust with the client, which meant increased engagement rates and a focus on good quality content.

“One of the main things we did was promote an ebook, which we made sure to personalize not only with the recipient’s name, but also the date. [she was] waiting.

“It was important and contributed to [some] four-year email sequences as we followed the mother and child’s journey from birth to infancy, continuously sending relevant information at different stages of motherhood.

The conversion was ‘the last push’and the company’s call to action to customers, which Bellamy has achieved through various strategies such as advertising on Facebook, sending product offers directly via email and running campaigns to boost in-store sales.

“The key is to make the right offer at the right time – [based on the metrics we saw after pushing out the content across the first two stages]we now knew that consumers were interested in [products and purchases], and acted accordingly.Al-Saad added.

Finally, the loyalty and promotion stages of the strategy aimed to get customers to promote the Bellamy’s Organic brand on their behalf.

“Mothers especially trust other mothers more than they trust brands. It was therefore important for Bellamy to get its customers to promote to other mothers, and we achieved this through approaches such as the organization of contests encouraging them to share Bellamy’s products or photos on social media. social”,he said.

Influencers were also highlighted as an advantageous strategy to use during this stage, for example Bellamy hiring two exceptionally adorable “baby influencers” to promote their product in Singapore.