Fundamental Marketing democratizes marketing with its premium digital marketing services for small business owners

Foundational Marketing offers digital marketing services to small business owners, with the goal of generating new leads for them and helping them grow.

Digital marketing has always been a minefield, especially for small business owners. Without any expertise, they tend to be duped by shady marketing agencies that only focus on getting money without delivering tangible results. Foundational Marketing is poised to change that trend by adapting proven digital marketing strategies to the needs of small businesses with the goal of bringing them more leads so they can grow without breaking the bank.

Fundamental Marketing is a US owned and operated company dedicated to providing high quality digital marketing services at affordable costs to US businesses without overseas outsourcing.

According to a recent report, 93% of online interactions begin with a search engine. It is only after a search that 90% of consumers decide on a brand. No wonder companies spend around $110 billion on digital advertising.

However, small businesses still struggle to take advantage of all these opportunities that a good digital marketing strategy could bring to their business, often due to a lack of skills, budget or know-how.

That’s why Foundational Marketing decided to adapt the proven digital marketing strategies of large companies to the needs of a small organization and make them available at low cost, without outsourcing them outside of the United States. They were able to do this by focusing only on the fundamentals of digital marketing and creating a transparent and cost-effective process.

Some of their focus areas are:

– Local SEO to ensure a company’s information is accurate and consistent across the internet
– Reputation Management to control and improve a brand’s online reputation
– Social media management to engage the audience
– Website updated and consistent with the brand image

Speaking to the media, the founder of Foundational Marketing said, “Our goal at Foundational Marketing is to create and maintain a relationship with our clients that lasts as long as they operate their business. Our services are all essential parts of the marketing mix that 100% of small businesses should subscribe to. »

The unique selling points that set Foundational Marketing apart from its competitors are:

– Easy to understand services and associated pricing
– Simple invoicing process
– Fast onboarding process
– Basic marketing services at a reasonable price that a small business really needs.
– Measurable results with detailed reports and analyzes
– Dedicated Customer Success Manager

They have designed their registration process to be as easy and quick as possible.

To get started, choose from their carefully created affordable packages and complete the signup process.

Expert consultants on their team will create the account and initiate the process.

For more information and to register, visit www.Foundational.Marketing.

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