Greenlight’s Ysabelle Devereux Named “Content Marketing Rising Star of the Year”

Greenlight’s Ysabelle Devereux won the ‘Rising Star in Content Marketing’ category at the Drum Awards for Content 2021. Here, the team behind the winning entry shares the secrets to Ysabelle’s success…

how it started

Ysabelle Devereux’s journey in digital public relations began after completing her Masters in Corporate Communication, Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Leeds. Previously, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in legal studies including multiple communication and marketing subjects. It was here that she had the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program at the University of North Georgia. This and her extensive travels across Europe, Asia, the United States and Central America have endowed her with an array of experiences that have helped her advance her career. Inventive and ambitious, Ysabelle thrives in challenging and challenging situations.

How are you

Since starting her career at Greenlight, Ysabelle has gone from attending strategy meetings to leading digital PR strategy for one of our key clients (Bolt Burdon Kemp). She led their permanent link building activity in 2021, from choosing targeted topics and keywords, through to project management of press asset building and outreach execution. This strategy has so far resulted in the client gaining coverage in Sky News, Vice, GQ and The Law Gazette. Ysabelle has also had great success directing communications with the channel’s customers, receiving personal praise in a positive note from The Drum Recommends. Ysabelle also co-leads strategy for our largest account (Dixons Carphone), for which she helps with campaign ideation, digital PR strategy planning and campaign execution.

Not only has Ysabelle contributed tremendously to client work and new business, but she has achieved all of this growth in her first year while working entirely remotely during a pandemic. She has also been instrumental in shaping how we operate in the midst of a pandemic, curating online social media and suggesting new and improved communication processes and strategies for her team and the entire Content & Digital department. PR. There is quality, care and heart in everything Ysabelle does and does.

Principle results

• Improved always-on link building service for our client Bolt Burdon Kemp, resulting in links from Sky News, Vice, GQ and The Law Gazette (35 cover stories over 7 months, average of 5 cover stories per month) ;

• Average completion of 194% of campaigns for two key customers;

• In her short time, Ysabelle successfully participated in two presentations – a victory and a positive response from clients;

• Major client communications on a key account, with a positive rating from The Drum Recommends by name;

• Review of new media database tool providers to improve digital PR services within the department;

• High work ethic, consistently working overtime to deliver exceptional results and helping other team members with their campaigns

Ysabella also:

• Impressed a key client, law firm Bolt Burdon Kemp, within the first six months of leading the digital PR strategy for the account – receiving a public commendation. In Greenlight’s latest review, The Drum Recommends, from the client, Ysabelle was mentioned by name as a key member of the account and particularly impressive in the area of ​​content marketing. This is a complex account, often requiring planning an outreach strategy around controversial and hard-hitting topics, so receiving such glowing praise is exceptional.

• Stepped up to lead all client communications and digital PR for this client within a year of joining Greenlight, quickly impressing with her positive attitude and innovative thinking. She particularly derived value from the permanent link building business for the client, a service she helped sell within six months of starting her career at Greenlight. And, to date, she has earned high-value coverage and links from titles such as GQ and Vice.

• Led its “Diversity and the Law” campaign for Bolt Burdon Kemp to 117% with 18 cover stories despite launching the story during the difficult Christmas period. She constantly revisited the angles of the press in light of the news cycle as it changed, resulting in coverage not only of the legal press, but also of equality charities. and the Welsh Government.

This entry was the winner of the 2021 Drum Awards for Content. Click here to find out which of the Drum Awards are currently open for entries.