GUEST COLUMN: How D2C brands can up their digital marketing game in 2022

Mumbai: Right now, Direct-to-consumer is a hugely exciting space, mainly because there are so many exciting brands popping up across multiple verticals. From food to tech to healthcare and more, there are local D2C brands making it big while generously raising money from investors. And we’re seeing some very exciting products and services being rolled out to end users.

Here are some areas of focus on top digital marketing activities for D2C brands to keep in mind when looking to bring their products and services to market in 2022 –

Advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram

Although most D2C brands already do this to a very large extent, there is still a big gap in how these campaigns are executed. The judicious distribution of your advertising campaigns on these platforms will be very crucial in order to be able to carry out profitable advertising campaigns for your brand. In our experience working with D2C startups, we’ve always advised having remarketing campaigns early on, targeted campaigns to maximize conversions, and using lookalikes whenever possible.

Retention Marketing

I would mainly like to talk about the use of user engagement tools that help you build loyalty. You want to focus on the lifetime value of your customers and while you do that, the main focus of your campaigns should be to use sophisticated tools like Webengage to drive audiences to your website again and again and to buys from you more than once a year depending on the life cycle of your product.

Conversion rate optimization

While D2C brands have spent quite a bit of money in the acquisition game, the bleeding cost of selling has always been a pretty big talking point. In today’s time and age, where the bottom line is extremely important from day zero, it becomes imperative that you focus on website conversion rate as much as the number of conversions on your website. Reports that will help you understand where your users are dropping off and where you likely need to provide a quick fix should be generated on a regular basis.

Don’t take SEO any less seriously than before

SEO remains one of the main factors that will give you long-term arbitrage on your cost per sale or cost of acquisition. This is mainly because when you spend a lot of money on your acquisition campaigns using ad models, chances are your organic growth will help you reduce the overall cost of acquisition in your marketing spree. acquisition and helps you stay sustainable for the long term. term. In our experience working with several D2C companies, long-tail keywords with high intent and medium competition work best.

Social Media Marketing

Connecting with your customers will be much more important in 2022. Customers determine a brand’s personality based on the type of content they post on their social networks. If you want to be a cool brand, you’ll need to have cool content on your social media channels to keep your customers engaged and connected to your brand long term. Start talking to your customers like a real person and not like a tailored brand.

Likewise, the type of influencers your brand intends to partner with will matter a lot. The type of content your influencers pushed is also going to affect the type of persona you will build for your brand in front of your customers. Personalization, thought leadership and a focus on building a strong brand image will set you apart from the crowd.

Being present omnichannel

Having an omnichannel presence is going to be as important in 2022 as ever. This is mainly due to the type of user behavior that today’s customers started viewing a product online, but probably logged out and purchased the product. You need to be visible in order to be at the top of your customers’ reminders. Therefore, being available at their favorite offline or local stores will impact your sales numbers more than ever.

Creative packaging

Having good packaging for your products will be important. This is mainly because no matter how good the final product is, the way it is packaged gives the first impression to the customer.

(Deep Mehta is the co-founder of DigiChefs. The opinions expressed in this column are personal and may not endorse them.)