How AI is transforming content marketing for brands

If AI is transforming all forms of human enterprise, can content marketing be far behind? An area that has long been associated with creativity, innovation and strategy – all rolled into one – is now attracting the attention of new era technologies.

The battle for consumer attention and engagement between brands remains intense as consumers spend more time online. According to the Content Marketing Institute, nearly 72% of marketers consider content marketing to be the biggest contributor to improving consumer engagement and thereby promoting a brand or business.

So, in this first digital age, how is AI impacting and transforming content marketing?

Mayank Jain, CEO and co-founder of Scalenut, an AI-powered content creation platform, says that for content marketing to be effective, content creation must serve business goals. And this is where AI breaks new ground.

“Creating content for marketing has long been considered a manual process. Smart research, keyword evaluation and shortlisting, phrase assembly for powerful copy are all part of the process. However, AI and technologies like NLP and NLG are helping marketers and content creators replicate and improve the content creation process. AI can sift through billions of data points in seconds and instantly deliver compelling content. This is a giant leap for brands in establishing better engagement with consumers,” adds Mayank.

According to Scalenut, there are five key questions that AI answers when it comes to content marketing for brands.

What to create?

AI helps organize the type of content that needs to be created in the first place. Using technologies such as natural language generation (NLG) and natural language processing (NLP), AI can quickly assess and crawl publicly available articles, blogs and documents for specific keywords . This gives marketers organized information to develop high-quality, engaging content in a fraction of the time it would normally take to research manually.

What creates competition?

With minimal manual intervention, AI can analyze and understand what the competition is doing by performing social listening on the web. AI can help understand what the target audience is searching on Google, Quora, Reddit, etc. Likewise, AI can examine the competitive landscape and decode the content of competitors big and small. Based on the analysis, marketers and content strategists gain powerful insights into the web and the competition.

What key terms really matter?

AI can undertake in-depth keyword research, especially to find high-quality keyword terms, which can be used in content creation. Using NLP, the AI ​​extracts key terms used on the web. These terms are valuable in satisfying the search intent of anyone using search engines.

How to work with a minimum of resources for a maximum of results?

Efficient deployment of resources greatly contributes to the proper use of marketing budgets. AI helps create compelling content without deploying an army of resources. AI can help write powerful texts on almost anything under the sun. Trained on billions of parameters, AI understands context and generates relevant content.

How do you keep content always fresh and relevant?

Every marketer understands the need to optimize content and make regular improvements to get a high ROI. The AI ​​periodically monitors the performance of existing content and compares itself to the competition. Based on training, it regularly offers recommendations on what the marketer should do to keep content fresh, relevant, and up-to-date.

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