How Content Marketing Helps ‘Bombay Shaving Company – Women’ Build Their Own Personal Tribe

For a year in the market, Bombay Shaving Company – Women aims to capture the hair removal space in India. To achieve this, he not only provides relevant solutions but also builds deep connections and conversations with his female tribe through his content marketing strategy.

Siddha Jain- AVP, Bombay Shaving Company, told BuzzInContent that they use content marketing to drive interest in the band and its products or services.

“A lot of our marketing spend is much more focused on brand building than performance. Most of our spend is on content marketing,” she said.

The brand is building a tribe of women who find common ground through its content, then complement it with thoughtful product solutions and expert related content.

“For us, there are two legs to satisfy. One is building equity, which is more about the people and the conversations that matter to people. The second part is about the product and the outcome of the product. We’ve always tried to balance the two and that definitely helps. Although global content marketing is an evolving field and a learning one for us. Our goal is to provide valuable, consistent information, and then the rest is about powerful conversations that move people,” she said.

It aspires to own the entire end-to-end hair removal space. Jain, sharing more about the company’s vision, said its overall marketing strategy is focused on defining it as the expert in hair removal solutions for bold and brave women and also building a focused conversation around women.

To build brand equity around important and relevant topics, she recently hosted an event called #SmoothAF Comedy, which featured comedians talking about their lives and the rules surrounding body hair.

The video of the event:

She shared that the brand is still trying to assess how to move forward with branded content. The #SmoothAF comedy show is intended to not only have relevant conversations, but also to create property that will belong to BSC- Women around fun conversations about hair removal.

Jain said the brand is experimenting with different branded content formats, including long and short videos on Instagram and YouTube. “The videos will aim to bust myths and answer questions about hair removal. These videos help people make a more informed choice,” she said.

From the start, the brand was very careful about its tone of content and tries to keep it consistent with its ethos and messaging.

Discussing the same further, she said, “I think a lot of brands are either in the discovery phase or in the phase of trying to hit the market with the perceived tone of the market. Even in our team, we have mostly women who work for BSC-Women, which helps us better understand and deliver near-perfect women-centric solutions and content. There are many brands targeting women that might work from a male perspective. But it’s sacrosanct to me that the conversation and tone of our brand has to be cohesive and sound like one person to keep that personality intact. I ensure that everything is done and thought through the lens of a woman.

Since the brand is at a nascent stage, it is investing more to scale up its efforts. Its overall marketing spend is larger in terms of revenue proportion compared to BSC-Men, Jain said.

He also recently released a large-scale campaign with Alaya F.

Jain said that once the brand builds enough education through the video format, it will go the podcast route as well. Also, it does gamification on Amazon and other platforms.

The brand is also actively involved in hygiene control on all platforms.

She said: ‘It’s important to have a designated team, budget or something for a hygiene check. We have a top-down budget that we divide into different parts. On a day-to-day basis, some people work in silos on different parts of content, so it can be difficult for them to see the full picture. In terms of hygiene control, there is no single person, but having a control system in place for different types of content is absolutely essential.

Bombay Shaving Company-Women also has an active roster of influencers on YouTube and Instagram that it continues to collaborate with on an ongoing basis.

Jain shared that the intention was to have four to five influencers talking about the brand at any one time in a week. Spending on this front is suitably balanced and will not increase in the near future.

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