How Customer Service Can Help You Improve Your Content Marketing | Ciara Byrne

Tim van der Kuip via Unsplash

Starting a new business takes more than a good idea, a few digital networking strategies, and some capital. Customer service is one of the most important values ​​that must be integrated into the DNA of your company from day one.

The truth is, providing great customer service can set you apart from the competition, generate more marketing and sales opportunities, and grow your business. In this blog, we’ll describe the connection between customer service and content marketing – and explore how they complement each other.

Customer experience optimization

Customer service search by Zendesk showed that 66% of B2B customers and 52% of B2C customers stop buying after a bad customer service interaction. That’s why your first goal should be to optimize the customer experience and make sure you’re providing the right customer support experience.

News of a single bad interaction can reach many ears, so be sure to give your customer service the same high-level treatment you give your marketing efforts. You can use a marketing resource management tool to simplify and automate, as well as unify tasks such as messaging, customer support, and marketing at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

The importance of self-service

They say “the best phone call is the one that never happened” and there is a great truth behind that. If your customers can easily and completely resolve their issues on their own, they will seek to do so. Self-service is one of the most efficient ways to resolve issues, solely because it takes response time out of the equation and allows customers to resolve issues on their own.

In practice, what you should do is tap into your complaints and feedback and find patterns and commonalities. Then solve all those problems with easy-to-access online information. This has also been backed up by studies – research by Forest found that 72% of customers prefer to use a company’s website to answer their questions. Whether it’s help from customer service software or an FAQ page that guides them to the answer, it’s essential to easily direct your customers to the information they need online.

Create content your customers can relate to

Believe it or not, your website is your best seller, and the most important point to make your customers’ experience more enjoyable is to create content that your customers will relate to. To achieve this, you must be fully aware of your target audience, their needs and their expectations.

For example, if you are a company that sells cosmetics, your posts can be educational and show the true blend of ingredients behind each product and the effect it has on their skin. Similarly, if you sell software, you can organize webinars, participate in promotional campaigns email advertisingor upload instructional videos to YouTube as a great B2B marketing strategy to get the word out about your SaaS solution.

Informative content is especially important in B2B relationships because your customer is looking for specific solutions for their business. They will most likely study your website and blog for more details before contacting your business. So your B2B content marketing strategy must anticipate the needs of your business customers and focus on content that helps them achieve their goals using your products or services. This same content is also a great resource for your customer service team who can refer prospects to specific articles related to the subject of their call, email, or chat.

Reward their social shares and promotions

One of the best social media strategies For businesses that want to improve their customer experience, offer their readers a small reward when they promote content to their subscriber group. For example, whenever someone shares your blog on social media, offer them a discount code via direct message.

You can control your discount codes and promotions for a limited time. Try to be aware of how you will present these rewards, so that they are easily understood by your average followers. The simpler this approach, the more impact it will have on your business.

Suggest topics that your audience finds useful

Your audience should read about things they will enjoy and find useful, and obviously, those related to your business. If you’re into B2B, it’s always good to help other businesses get the most out of their digital marketing by sharing great email marketing tips, content formulas that work, best smart chatbots that they can use, or whatever you’ve already managed.

Topics can vary and can include anything related to your brand. Keep in mind that customers love exploring lists of tips on how to achieve something and appreciate inspiration when it comes to how they can use your products to make their life easier and better.

Create deeper interactions with your audience

The way you market your content will always change. Every aspect of digital marketing has changed over the past decade. One thing is certain, however, it will never hurt you to try to explore new avenues of communication with your customers.

For example, you can experiment with new email marketing strategies for growth and new messaging service providers for the support these strategies need. Suppose you offer a lead magnet (ebook, white paper, cheat sheet, etc.) on your website, you want to use an email service with automation features that can provide a download link to the customer immediately after collected the prospect’s email address – not an hour or a day later. This is an area where the technical capability of your service provider directly reflects on the effectiveness of your company’s customer service.

Align your customer support and marketing goals

Work with your customer support team to align your customer acquisition and retention marketing goals. With the help of a good relationship marketing tool, you can show your potential customers that you’re investing in a customer retention strategy – it’ll also show you how valuable content is in all departments, not just marketing.

Whether it’s regular support content audits, hiring new talent to improve your customer service content, or investing more in your customer service, your marketing can never slow down, even after a sale.

Final Thoughts

Finally, all of these strategies are easier said than done, but certainly more enjoyable in practice than in theory. Improving your customer support can definitely transform your business – and it’s one of the things to emphasize as part of your content marketing strategy.