How does AI and marketing automation help creators deliver better content? | India News

Content creation is an integral part of the marketing process. Having the right content can bring many benefits to your brand, but having the wrong content can bring your brand down. The problem is that content creation is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Thanks to rapid advances in data science and AI, content creation and marketing are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. We’ll see how AI and marketing automation are disrupting this process and how they can change the future of content creation.

Why are AI and automated content popular?

According to statistics, 56% of US CMOs prefer to use artificial intelligence to generate texts and content that drive marketing strategies. With technology advancing by leaps and bounds every day, the world of marketing is more dynamic than ever! Today, digital marketers have automated most of the content they use online. Articulately designed algorithms can enable AI to write content independently, increasing speed and reducing costs.

Automating content creation has never been easier, thanks to OpenAI’s GPT3. Marketers and business owners can use AI bots to significantly increase their revenue by creating personalized content and sales pitches that the customer would want to read in a fraction of the time.

Companies like Yahoo and Fox are already relying on AI to create content and deliver information faster and more efficiently than their competitors, thriving even in competition. Content automatically generated by Artificial Intelligence uses NLG technology. This allows for zero human involvement and reduces the cost of content and copy generation.

Persado is a thriving tool that studies, analyzes, and then creates marketing strategies that help generate content that resonates. Technology for analyzing human behavior and predicting future desires can help companies build strong relationships with their customers and inspire new interactions. This is why the industry is expected to reach around $9.88 billion in net worth by the end of 2022.

According to a statistical report, marketing automation has seen tremendous growth and popularity over the past few years. Personalization, generation and delivery of content has never been faster or more efficient before. By carefully designing technology that studies and adapts to human behavior, AI and marketing automation have been successful in earning customer trust and building meaningful relationships with them. However, this is significantly disrupting the content creation industry. Fewer companies will prefer a human copywriter over AI when the quality is the same.

Additionally, AI has the power to personalize each user’s experience and choices, which is beyond human capabilities. In an analysis, it was found that 73% of AI users considered its use in advertising essential for their business, and 64% agreed that it played a key role in helping their brand thrive more than its competitors. Audience segmentation and ad personalization have proven to be effective.

Threat to content creators

With AI and automated content generation tools delivering quality content faster than humans, content creators and writers could face unemployment risks in the days to come. Why would a company wait three days and pay double for a task that a bot can complete in minutes?

With strategically planned and created algorithms, AI bots can deliver compelling content. Today, most of them seem to have been written by humans.

With auto-generated content, hyper-personalized marketing will be effortless thanks to unlimited and fast content generation by bots. Marketers will only have to focus on the core tasks and leave the background tasks to the AI.

Will AI replace writers and content creators?

By using technology intelligently and strategically, marketers can efficiently achieve quick SEO content writing, and bots can generate user-friendly content in minutes. While AI bots are good at grabbing and processing heavy data and integrating it into meaningful content, AI can never be human.

AI may take over specific niches and genres of content creation and writing in the days to come, mostly due to their technicality and standardization, but they won’t kill jobs. Generating meaningful SEO content is always a difficult task for an AI. Rather, automated content can be viewed as a tool to help writers generate more relevant and relevant content.

AI is only as good as the data it was trained on.

Assumptions or predictions beyond the data provided often become irrelevant to AI. Copy and content that needs imagination fails to take shape without human intervention.

The reason is deeply rooted in the fact that bots are not human. They can mimic human behavior and behave like it in every way, but auto-generated content (AGC) is not relatable. Human writers and content creators add emotional experiences and build trust with audiences in ways most bots can’t. Would you rather talk to a bot than a human on a brand’s voice customer support?

The bridge between the two

Statistically, Internet users consume 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. To expect a marketer to generate an amount like this every day is incredulous. Personalizing data and analyzing customer behavior is a crucial step in marketing. With AI and AGC, that burden of creating massive amounts of content falls on humans. Marketers can now focus on management, decision-making and planning, and leave the creation to the bots.

Human creators won’t face outright unemployment, but the road ahead won’t be easy either. “AI will kill tasks, not jobs,” the Brookings Institute reported. Technical creators may want to explore and expand a bit. At the same time, other niches can analyze how AI outperforms them and performs effectively.

With the world advancing at an unimaginable speed, we can only expect the dominance of AI in the years to come. Aimed at making human life easier and reducing burdens, artificial intelligence has created more meaningful and strategic customer relationships and conversations.

However, AI is less likely to dominate the entire industry anytime soon. While disruption is certainly a green light, AI in content creation is still in its infancy. Achieving the same level of sophistication as a human mind is still far-fetched.

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