How National Optical Care uses marketing automation to support a growing empire

National Optical Care (NOC) has expanded its portfolio, adding multiple optometry practices to the business throughout 2021. Established in late 2020, NOC has been actively growing its portfolio since its inception.

With an expansion of the partnership to 45 optical practices by the end of 2021, NOC can attribute some of this success to the marketing automation capabilities of its email database. By partnering with Taguchi while it was still in the start-up phase, NOC disrupted the typical approach to technology partnership.

Investment from the start

It’s common for start-ups to choose low-cost or basic marketing automation technology to get started. These systems often lack the quality support or, more importantly, the technology capabilities to grow with the business. NOC decided to invest in a sophisticated Marketing Automation provider in Taguchi from the start, and it paid off.

NOC’s Chief Marketing Officer, Paula Sadler, saw early on the benefits of investing in an integrated platform.

“Investing in a trusted technology partner that delivers results has been hugely beneficial to the business,” she says.

Understanding marketing, Sadler knew the dangers of clumsy systems – the type of systems that can slow down and frustrate teams, as well as cause missed opportunities and alienate current or potential customers.

Taguchi was the obvious choice for Sadler and the team as it has plenty of customization options to suit every company’s needs. The most valuable elements Sadler identified were integration, time-saving features, and local customer support. It is the combination of these elements that has allowed NOC to thrive and continue to expand its footprint.

Risk versus reward

It’s rare for a startup to budget for an email marketing system in its early stages. However, the decision to invest early in Taguchi and build a communication strategy on the platform is paying off.

The first key to success for NOC was to create long-term partnerships. As the company grows, it already stores behavioral and profile data. This allows for an ever growing and personalized communication strategy using the sophisticated system built by Taguchi.

Email marketing is the primary channel used by NOC to talk to its customers. Therefore, investing in a platform that provides support and information provides ongoing opportunities for conversion, engagement, and loyalty.

The proof is in the results

When it comes to positive results, NOC cites integration, time savings, and customer support as some of the reasons the partnership has been so successful.

Describing Taguchi as wonderfully detailed, but also quick and efficient, NOC finds working with Taguchi to be beneficial as his team not only understands the requirements, but also plans for any obstacles that may arise.

A well-structured and rich database that can be updated daily, fed into an internal dashboard and providing instant results, was a necessity.

“I don’t need to look for results. My colleagues and I can view email performance and other metrics in our own Power BI dashboard,” says Sadler.

Along with understanding requirements and streamlining processes and results, saving time was also on NOC’s wish list. Taguchi worked with NOC to ensure that an infinite number of customizable email templates have been created. This provides an important soundconsistency and reduces email creation and deployment time.

With this, NOC has created several templates, including various branded campaigns, which it has as part of its expanding network.

At any one time, NOC may have around a dozen campaigns running, including customer greetings, one-on-one birthday messages, appointment reminders, retention emails, and win-back messages. These are primed and ready to roll out to new brands and with NOC’s rate of expansion, these rapidly deployable features are imperative.

The partnership between Taguchi and NOC is proof that early investment in technology can be a key element of business success. NOC is able to attribute much of the success – from customer retention to direct marketing and instant results – to the Taguchi platform.

Sadler credits Taguchi with an important function for the company. “The Taguchi platform truly helps organizations of all sizes, across industries, create and support marketing automation journeys,” she says.