How to Run a Successful Digital Marketing Agency

As the director of a digital marketing company, Tim Gerst lives his teenage dream every day. Gerst has collaborated with clients including Chris Young, Kellie Pickler, Vince Gill, Brad Paisley, Trisha Yearwood, Keith Urban, Kevin Costner, Olivia Newton-John, Randy Houser, Stephanie Quayle, Morgan Evans, Sarah Cannon, and Fifth Harmony.

“If I can start this career as a broke high school kid, so can you,” says Gerst.

Building the biggest marketing business was never his goal, but if you’re interested in the tips that helped Gerst build a business that attracts the customers he wants and helps those customers succeed, then read on. .

To Build a Digital Marketing Business, Focus on Customers First

Too many agencies in this industry worry about looking good. However, focus on your clients and let your job be your resume.

Gerst created Think well to work with customers in an entirely new way. They do not offer predefined packages as each plan is tailored to meet the needs of a different customer. As a boutique marketing agency, they don’t strive to be the biggest; they want to be the best.

Thinkswell is equipped to help artists tell their stories every step of the way. They handle digital strategy and ad buying, and they also design album covers, produce videos, create online content, and find ways to achieve organic reach through social media platforms. Their ultimate goal is to find innovative and creative ways for their clients to engage with their fans, but their approach is different for each client. Thinkswell customizes each marketing campaign to a client’s specific needs.

Hire passionate people to build a successful marketing agency

Gerst says that if you want to grow a marketing agency that gets results, you need to find people who are enthusiastic about doing their job. The last thing you need is a team going through the stages. Incentivize with great pay, benefits, and opportunities to attract top talent, but be sure to only hire people who are intrinsically motivated to do the job.

To use Gerst’s story as an example, he’s 32 years old and has been working at his dream job for exactly half his life.

“My father died when I was 15 and I felt an urgent need to define my life goals. I knew I wanted to work in the music industry, but I had no musical talent. I decided to break into the space through marketing,” says Gerst.

Gerst then contacted his favorite band, Thousand Foot Krutch, and offered to manage their social networks for free. In 2005, many groups were not even present on social networks.

“They gave me a chance, and that was the start of my marketing career. They were my first clients, and they’re still with me 17 years later,” Gerst says.

Gerst expresses his love for what he does.

“I’ve built a marketing agency with a team that’s just as passionate about the job as I am. For our team, success isn’t about being the best agency; it’s about working on projects that bring us joy,” says Gerst.

If Thinkswell takes on a project, they know it’s a project that will make a difference and impact people. It is important that everyone on your team works to be part of these moments.

Once you’ve assembled an enthusiastic team, let them go. Don’t micromanage their roles. Your team is there to help you, after all. Lead with empathy by listening to what they want and need.

To scale your digital marketing agency, never stop learning

When you run a marketing agency in this space, you have to be prepared to grow and change. For example, Gerst recently co-founded solo music, and is committed to creating a long-term blockchain strategy specifically for the music industry. This platform is revolutionizing the way artists, fans and industry professionals connect. blockchain technology is just as new today as social media platforms were when Gerst broke into the marketing business.

“We can’t wait to see what blockchain has in store for our industry,” says Gerst.

It’s essential to keep yourself and your team members open to new opportunities like this as the space grows and changes. Nurturing creativity is key. At Thinkswell, Gerst makes sure to work with a diverse group of clients.

“While focusing on the same thing, we keep using the same parts of our brain. If this continues, you will lose your creativity and eventually burn out. Working with different types of clients allows us to change our way of thinking and flex our creative muscles,” says Gerst.

One of Thinkswell’s current customers has a fun view of the results you can achieve if you keep your brain engaged. The project is called house of song. This client gathers up-and-coming songwriters in a house, breaks them into teams of three or four, and gives them half an hour to flesh out a hook for a song. The groups then come together to record their results. This project is by far the most unique writing session Gerst has ever seen.

“It’s about stretching your mind and working in ways you’ve never tried,” says Gerst.

Don’t Fear the Risks When Running Your Digital Marketing Agency

As you build your digital marketing agency, follow your dreams and take risks. Gerst started his agency at 16, but didn’t see any real growth for six long years. During this time, he was working from my home in Lexington, Kentucky. The music business is all about making connections and building relationships. Living more than three hours from one of music’s biggest cities prevented him from taking his career to the next level.

At 22, Gerst finally moved to Nashville.

“I wanted to move for a long time, but fear held me back. Once I stopped playing it safe, my business accelerated. I’ve never regretted overcoming my fears and stepping into the unknown,” says Gerst.

Running a digital marketing agency is hard work

Gerst says being a leader doesn’t mean you can relax. On the contrary, you must lead by example by working harder than anyone else. Never expect your team to work harder than you.

Often, working hard means implementing a lot of ideas in order to ensure the success of some.

“I remind my team that no one knocks home every time. Some ideas won’t come to fruition, but as long as we keep swinging, we’re still in the game. After all, professional baseball players with 250 batting averages are stars. Getting it one in four times is good enough for them, and it can be good enough for us too, if we work hard,” says Gerst.

Gerst says his three-year-old son is his hero. “When he was born, doctors told us he might never walk or talk. I watch him work hard and overcome obstacles every day and I know I can do that too.

For more information on Tim Gerst’s work in digital marketing, check out their Thinkswell website.

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