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Welcome to the latest roundup of all things digital. This is where we take a look at the latest updates in the world of PPC, SEO, content, digital PR and international over the past two weeks.

Join our talented team to talk about what’s happening in the world of digital marketing. This month, we’re joined by four of our experts to discuss meta descriptions, how outdated content can negatively impact your search rankings, and changes to TikTok, Twitter, and Google Analytics.


Charlotte Brindley – Content Manager

How to improve meta descriptions

Every piece of digital content needs a meta description and regardless of its length, it should be summarized in 156 characters or 990 pixels. Not only should it be short, but it should also grab attention and inform the reader. That’s a lot of work for such a small space.

To earn that precious click, here are five ways to improve meta descriptions.

  • Strengthen your writing. Meta descriptions written using strong language will benefit more than most additional content pieces. To reinforce your descriptions, avoid using passive phrases, qualifiers (a little, most, etc.), intensifiers (very, really, extremely, etc.) and first-person references.
  • Don’t avoid punctuation. When trying to squeeze as much information as possible into that small character limit, it can be tempting to drop a comma or two. But when searchers skim the text, they quickly understand the context of the content, so making it easy to understand at a glance is imperative. Think about how the description will appear: if the keywords and dots are easy to spot when scanning, then you’ve written a great meta description. If you have to read carefully to get the gist, maybe it’s time to rewrite using fewer words and more sentences.
  • Include keywords. Opinions are mixed on whether you should include keywords in your description if you already included them in the title. Including them will reinforce your idea and result in a more promotional approach. Crafting a compelling meta description isn’t about the perfect feed, it’s about convincing people to read and click on your content.

Is your outdated content negatively impacting your search rankings?

Many organizations will have a mountain of content posted on their site and much of it will now be irrelevant and outdated. With so much to do in a day, it can be tempting to leave it as is, but outdated content can negatively impact your search rankings and visitor experience.

If you’re hesitant to remove content, why not refurbish or update your posts? According to the Search Engine Journalyour site will see better SEO and more page traffic by removing and updating content from time to time.

Grab your digital scissors and start hacking old content that doesn’t fit your current business strategy or brand. Then add updated relevant keywords, write new paragraphs, and add links and visuals. Google loves recently published content, so once you’re happy with your work, repost your posts.


Jack Fisher – Digital Paid Media Manager

TikTok’s new attribution manager

TikTok introduced attribution management with the ability to choose longer conversion windows depending on your goals.

This provides insight and insight into the benefits that TikTok offers to e-commerce, as you will be able to get a longer view of how many conversions the platform is generating further down the line. It also allows more freedom to align your attribution to other platforms, which means you can cross-compare with platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat.

Twitter is rolling out branded likes

Twitter has started rolling out “Branded Likes” to advertisers in the US, UK and more. This feature allows advertisers to customize the “Like” button for 24 hours.

Advertisers will now have even more customization options when running an ad campaign on Twitter. It’s been proven to drive a high number of engagements when advertisers have personalized the button so far, so it’s something that could improve your campaign.


Jennie Lindehoff – Digital PR and Outreach Manager

Twitter update doesn’t change follow links

Twitter has since the beginning in 2008 always had no followed links in the bios and since 2009 also on all tweets. Why they changed it a few weeks ago is unknown, maybe it was just a glitch during updates. Now the unfollow link attribute is back to normal.

Followed or unfollowed links on Twitter should never be a link growth strategy. Most likely, even if they were tracked, Google probably wouldn’t consider them. Twitter is however fantastic if you want your digital PR campaigns to travel further and reach new audiences, so keep adding links to useful and interesting content.


Hussnian Qaiser – International Digital Marketing Manager

Google Performance Max takes over

Pmax is taking control of ad technology and it’s important for companies to make sure they use it correctly because the streaming market is very crowded, which means very high competition. It breaks down how Pmax works and some scenarios in which it can be used. This is important because Pmax has grown in popularity due to Google’s focus, but also due to the benefits and importance of having an advertising option that ties the whole consumer journey together. This article also supports what also presents it.

How Google Analytics is improving

Google Analytics has revolutionized the way businesses can process data from their website. Thanks to Analytics, companies have gone from 24 hours to real time. The article also highlighted how Analytics will further improve to give brands even easier access to all the relevant data they need for their customers.

For all brands and advertisers, Google Analytics plays a huge role in reporting and projects and underpins all the performance marketing we do, so it’s more important that this is used and leveraged by everyone.

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