Launches B2B Marketing Automation Solution

Inflection is a marketing automation platform (MAP) designed for B2B product-focused businesses. The company believes that the future of B2B marketing is product-driven, and navigating this shift in marketing is key to growth and creating a sticky, loved product.

Case back details

Inflection aims to be the solution to the challenges faced by B2B marketing teams with legacy marketing automation tools designed to support the sales-driven movement. Inflection connects to CRMs and product activity data and seeks to optimize the scalability and extensible demands of the modern product-focused marketing team, enabling higher customer engagement, including onboarding/ adoption, self-service revenue generation and sales pipeline support.

Who it’s for

Inflection is a marketing automation solution for B2B product-focused businesses of all sizes using CRM and product activity data tracking. It was designed for marketers with the goal of reducing dependencies so that marketers never have to worry about contact limits again.

What it solves

Legacy marketing automation platforms like Marketo and Hubspot were designed to support sales-focused strategies. They were not designed to incorporate product activity data. B2B product-focused companies have therefore faced challenges due to technology and pricing packages designed to support sales-focused strategies. Inflection aims to overcome these challenges posed by former MAPs by:

  • Drive a sales-oriented pipeline;
  • Driving a self-service pipeline;
  • Drive customer engagement and speed of value creation; and
  • Reduced churn rate.

What makes it special

Inflection is led by former Bizible, Marketo, and Adobe executives Dave Rigotti, Aaron Bird, and Vic Davis. They were at the forefront of the changing dynamics with the shift to the end-user era and the challenges that current B2B marketing automation solutions face in meeting the demands of product-driven marketing, which led them to develop Inflection.



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