Introducing Jetek Asia Digital: A Chinese Digital Marketing Agency Helping Business Owners Break Down Language Barriers

Globalization has become more important for business owners looking to increase their profits and introduce their products to high value-added international markets. However, globalization comes with many obstacles, often the biggest one being the language barrier between the business owner and their target customers. While these hurdles can be overcome with a translator, there are still many other challenges for business owners looking to introduce their products to international markets.

Focused on helping Australian and English speaking business owners introduce their products to the Southeast Asian market, Jetek Digital Asia is a Chinese digital marketing agency that strives to bridge the gap and bring success to business owners. To do this, Founder Chris Cheng and his team are passionate about using marketing tools and tactics that are prevalent in these Chinese and Southeast Asian digital marketing communities, including, but not limited to, Tik Tok Marketing, WeChat Marketing, T-Mall E-commerce, Shopee E-commerce and Lazada E-commerce.

Chris Cheng, founder of Jetek Asia Digital.

Established in 2017 in Adelaide, Jetek Asia Digital has grown steadily in success through its ability to deliver results for business owners. While their primary focus is Australians looking to move their product overseas, the company also specializes in helping international businesses break through Australia’s digital marketing landscape and overcome language barriers, working with multiple brands. well-known in Australia and throughout South East Asia, including Princess Polly, Superdry, Michael Hill, Mercedes Benz Adelaide and many more.

While Jetek Asia Digital’s services are mostly chargeable, Chris offers a wide range of free advice on his podcast. Available to both Australian listeners and those in the international market, the podcast provides listeners with the knowledge to take advantage of new opportunities in new markets. Some of Chris’ favorite talking points include; how to start an e-commerce business in China, how to win Chinese customers in Australia or mainland China, and tips for selling in the Chinese market, both onshore and offshore in 2022.

Witnessing the incredible effects the COVID19 pandemic has had on Australian companies looking to open their product to the international market, Chris foresees that there is still significant export growth potential that companies should capitalize on.

If you are looking to expand your business, open offshore production or start exporting to Asia, Jetek Asia Digital’s Chinese digital marketing expertise can help you do it seamlessly and to the highest standard. . To learn more before embarking on your export journey, you can always visit their social profiles, including their Facebook and LinkedIn.

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