Khris Digital Marketing Offers Unique Insight into Future of AI Copywriting in 2022 and Beyond

With 2021 squarely in the mirror, digital marketing thought leader Khris Steven of Khris Digital Marketing explains what the future of AI writing tools and AI content generators will look like in 2022 and beyond.

It’s no secret that AI (artificial intelligence) is fast becoming a part of everyday life, from smart thermostats in homes to machine learning in advertising, and yes, even copywriting.

With unprecedented investments in AI, industries, including copywriting, have seen breakthroughs in AI that are transforming the way businesses and people search, write, and consume content online.

With 2021 squarely in the mirror, digital marketing thought leader Khris Steven of Khris Digital Marketing breaks down what the future of AI writing tools and AI content generators will look like in 2022 and beyond.

Will AI take over editorial control in 2022?

According to a report published by McKinsey (2017), some experts predict that nearly half of all business and work-related activities could be automated with AI by 2055. This has led many writers to fear that their own career is at stake.

This concern is not necessarily unwarranted. In recent years, AI projects in content and writing have experienced resounding success, having come a long way from the early days of GPT-2, evolving into GPT-3 and becoming more and more refined. and refined to achieve a wide range of content and copy goals.

As early as 2016, The Washington Post used AI to publish more than 300 reports on the Rio Olympics without any human intervention. The messages and tweets were so well written that no one even raised an eyebrow or asked if it was produced by AI. Building on this success, The Washington Post’s Heligraf will publish more than 850 articles covering everything from financial news to local sports and politics with great success.

Who else uses AI? eBay, Nestlé, Zoho, Google, Airbnb, IBM, etc.

A valuable tool for copywriters, not a replacement

Despite the prevalence of AI content generators in copywriting, AI is still in its infancy and in most cases is used as a tool to complement and complement a human copywriter in their endeavors.

How AI is helping savvy copywriters do more

Eliminate writer’s block: Ideation of AI-generated content plans, ideas, concepts and angles can stimulate creativity and overcome the dreaded “writer’s block” to keep copying fluid

New perspective: AItools can offer unique and insightful perspectives on topics that may be beyond the copywriter’s thought, creating new opportunities to explore various angles and concepts important to the target audience.

Improve the quality of tedious tasks: There are only a limited number of ways to say the same thing when writing repetitive descriptions, blurbs, and more. Ai can help you easily create new, engaging versions of the same content.

Save time and improve efficiency: AI writing tools can quickly create well-written, highly optimized copy for Ads, Intro and Conclusions, Comparisons, Features and Benefits sections, FAQs, Summaries and more, enabling editors to quickly produce drafts that can be further refined with a human. to touch.

Better communication: Leveraging hundreds of millions of data points, AI writing tools can often suggest improved or improved ways to formulate, challenge, and improve the work of human writers.

Where AI writing tools fail

  • Empathy
  • Critical mind
  • To analyse
  • Creativity
  • Long copy (full blog posts)

Better copy when collaborating with AI

Khris Digital Marketing took an in-depth look at the best AI writing tools and AI writing software, exploring the good (and bad) and exploring how these tools can improve the work of copywriters.

According to Khris, although imperfect, Ai content generators and writing tools such as his Jarvis AI review, are an incredible advance in the field of artificial intelligence and communication, and an invaluable tool for both amateur and professional writers.

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