Live sports during the holiday season, a great content marketing opportunity for advertisers

In the recent past, sports advertising has evolved considerably. Now more than ever, brands are eagerly turning to sports marketing to find innovative ways to drive deeper engagement with their audience.

The upcoming festive season coincides with 53 days of non-stop cricket action with marquee tournaments such as the Australian and South African tour of India followed by the highly anticipated T20 World Cup with 47 matches from October 16 to November 13, 2022, giving brands a ready platform to reach a highly engaged and affluent premium audience on Disney+ Hotstar.

Branded content helps brands build a deeper connection with their customers. More so, when it comes to live cricket, a brand can connect with its audience by creating content capsules, which are contextual to the game by leveraging influencers such as players and commentators.

Another trend is for brands to go beyond vanilla ads and build deeper connections with sports-loving audiences with contextual branded content, leading to higher association and engagement on key performance metrics. Mark. Branded content typically performs much better for message association, recall, purchase intent, and other metrics than a vanilla video ad campaign.

Live Sports offers several content creation options, including branded PPL segments, influencer-led content, and bespoke long-form content.

Branded PPL Segments offer brands an exclusive segment during the LIVE Stream. Distributed during pre-launch and post-launch, these segments provide global presence throughout the tournament and drive better communication through the power of contextual messaging and high content affinity. Viewers love to watch anchors like Jatin Sapru, Anant Tyagi, Suren Sundaram and Mayanti Langer who are popular faces on Disney+ Hotstar and look up to them for analysis of upcoming matches. So, tapping into their popularity and credibility allows brands to leverage them as influencers during tournaments.

Influencer-led content focuses on leveraging cricket influencers as well as the power of cricket targeting to increase campaign relevance. Disney+ Hotstar is considered the birthplace of cricket with access to the largest talent base in the sport*, effectively leveraging its rich roster of influencers, including current and former cricketers, anchors, experts and commentators to deliver powerful messages to customers. A popular format is 15-60 second cuts shared during Mid-Rolls, Drinks-Breaks and on Influencer social media handles.

An example of influencer-led content was the popular Love, Bru & Wifey with Sakshi Dhoni. The show was inspired by Bru’s creative communication in the TN market about crazy cricketing superstitions that Sakshi and his fans carry regarding their love for cricket.

Bespoke content spans the gamut of custom long-form and series-based content for brands targeting the cricket viewer. On Disney+ Hotstar, bespoke content drives consideration and intent for a brand’s products with bespoke content solutions that work hard to highlight product benefits, address myths, and present a brand story. deeper. Like Influencer-Led Content, Bespoke Content is between 15 and 60 seconds long and airs during Mid-Rolls, Drinks-Breaks, and on Influencer Social Media handles.

League of Platinum Men Season 1 on Disney+ Hotstar allowed cricketer KL Rahul to offer a glimpse into some inspiring cricketing journeys and iconic stories of legendary cricketers and unforgettable icons.

An example of bespoke long-form content is the six-part mini-series, hosted by Archana Vijayan, which featured candid conversations with KL Rahul. The series consisted of seven episodes over 10 minutes each and was hosted on an exclusive show page. Content was promoted during the LIVE game and released in long mid-roll ad formats.

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